Chef Development

At Just Hospitality we invest long term in our team through training, support and new opportunity

Every one in the kitchen, from junior to senior, has a development programme tailor-made for their role and experience. That means trade fairs and supplier sourcing for senior staff, in-house mentoring for juniors and competition at all levels. Together, we create an atmosphere that fosters the free exchange of ideas and allows everyone to shine.

Beyond our team mentoring and development plans, we also have a range of ongoing initiatives that we use to build skills, focus the team and drive creativity.

CrEATe Relaxed evenings in the kitchen every month, playing with new ingredients and exchanging ideas.

Supplier shadowing Chefs take a day to work with suppliers, to understand their relationship with the food before it reaches us.

Mystery Box cook-off Senior and junior chefs pair up to design a dish using whatever is in the box, before time runs out!

Just Bite Our thought-provoking monthly newsletter to inspire chefs, crammed with help for planning menus with seasonal foods, announcements from suppliers and guest recipes.

To understand the core beliefs that influence our approach, please visit our kitchen principles page.

See our team at work and find out how we create a culture that welcomes ideas and develops talent:

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