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A great caterer needs more than great food

These are the people who keep the JH team focussed on offering the best food of any London contract caterer – not to mention first class service and completely transparent operations. Read on to find out more about them and what makes them tick.

To learn more about how we develop our greatest asset – our chefs – visit our Chef Development page.

  • Back in 2005 Dean had the itching feeling something wasn’t right in contract catering. So he founded Just Hospitality to shake up corporate office culture and bring catering services back to what really matters – the customers. Thanks to his vision we’ve become the caterer of choice for London’s most forward-thinking businesses.

  • Sam believes complete financial reporting and clear-headed strategy are the best way to do right by your client, your team and your business. Her uncompromising standards mean we can promise total transparency in our dealings, have grown year on year since she took her role, and have complete confidence in the promises we make.

  • Matt has a lifelong commitment to simple, delicious cooking that showcases the best local and seasonal ingredients. Over his career as a chef in contract catering he’s gained the know how to bring that to hundreds of the best minds in London, driving our food policy and keeping us at the forefront of food culture.

  • Put simply, Alison’s job is being in ten places at once – and somehow she does it. She manages the on-site teams and makes sure clients have a direct line to us, whatever they need to know. Her restaurant background gives her an eye for the personalities that gel best with each office culture and will put smiles on customers’ faces every day.

  • Cristina works on one simple principle – every day should be fun. She’s turned marketing into more than a way to sell the business, driving a strategy to create informed customers who make great choices about their health, wellbeing and environmental impact. She wants you to love every day at work.

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