November food round up: Its getting festive out there...

November is not quite Christmas but everyone’s in a mood to party and boy what a busy month it turned out to be. We put on some amazing themed menus to match the colder weather, lots of events, and of course some really tasty food thru the month. Here is what we got up to in November!

Food Highlights

BYO Burritos

By now you must have figured, Burritos are a favorite of ours and our clients too. The colder weather does call for comforting food and our burritos never disappoint! This month we had a choice of slow braised beef chilli, shredded chicken mole and Cajun spiced quorn and peppers. YUM!


National Sausage Week

IT was British National Sausage Week in the first Week of November and we brought on all time winter favorites – bangers and mash! Choice included some unusual combinations like – pork & calvados, spinach, leek & cheese; mushroom & tarragon and classics like pork &leek, turkey & cranberry and lamb & rosemary. All with creamy mash, sautéed veg and of course some onion gravy!

bangers n mash 2.jpeg
bangers n mash.jpeg


Health and Wellness Week

health and wellness week.jpeg

In the lead up to the festive season, we sometimes forget to concentrate on watching what we eat. Just foregoing the odd mince pie is not going to cut it. So we decided to support our clients Health and Wellness Week with a full blown Health and Wellness menu. Each day concentrated on a healthy food group with greens, grains, healthy fats, seeds & nuts and the last day a bit of a cheat, but hey, efforts do come with rewards in the name of healthy burgers. We also supplemented these with healthy smoothies at breakfast – the most unusual one here being a super protein banana shake with cricket protein powder! The menu was very well received - and why not!! Vegan eton mess - how cool is that?


health 2.jpeg
health 3.jpeg
health 4.jpeg

British Game Week

British Game Week is observed in prime game season – end of Autumn to celebrate all things game. Hunting has been practiced in Britain since prehistoric times; it was a crucial activity of hunter-gatherer societies before the domestication of animals and the dawn of agriculture. Britain has a rich tradition of eating game animals like deer, rabbit, hares and birds like pheasants, geese, partridge, grouse and ducks. The week is usually a focus for lots of events, dinners and special offers promoting game to all consumers in Britain. We put together two game menus for our clients with gamekeeper’s pie, game sausage rolls, rabbit ragu and wild boar and venison salami.

game sausage roll.jpeg
game pie.jpeg


Thanksgiving is probably America’s most popular holiday. With a majority of American clients, it’s no surprise that we like to make Thanksgiving meals extra special. This year as well, we put on a fabulous Thanksgiving meal with spiced citrus brined turkey breast, confit leg and all the trimmings – Brussel sprouts, slow cooked red cabbage with chestnuts, mashed potato and creamed corn amongst others. And finished off with a pumpkin pie. As the day progressed we started receiving messages from our clients – not only about how much they enjoyed the food, but also about how much this meal meant to them - to be connected to home, even when they were so far away. This was so humbling and it made me pause and reflect on how thankful we are, to have such beautiful relationships with all the people we work with.

thanksgiving 4.jpeg
Thanksgiving 3.jpeg
Thanksgiving 2.jpeg

Events & pop ups

Raclette Bar

Every month, our Development Chef Susi creates a pop up concept to take around all our units. November was time to get cheesy with a Raclette bar! Who doesn’t like a bit of melted cheese over some veg and meats? The bar made its way around all our clients and going by the feedback we received, it looks like we will have an encore soon!

raclette 2.jpeg

Health and Wellness week pop ups

To support the Health and Wellness Week at our client, our Director of Food, Matt ran a noodle bar alongside lunch.

Warm noodles + Aromatic broth + Mix and match toppings = Healthy as!

noodle bar.jpeg


Mac n cheese and Hot wings bar 

Did you know JH has an events division, that can put together some amazing parties? We cater to all sorts of occasions and last month, we were at King with a fab mac n cheese bar to celebrate 5 years of the popular game Candy Crush. Of course we had to name the bar Susi’s Portable Bar Saga! Talk about being on brand... 😜😜

candy crush.jpeg
candy station.jpeg


Talking of candy…

We also got an awesome candy station together at one of our clients..

Hits of the month

Raclette bar

Health & Wellness Week menus

Thanksgiving lunch