August & September - a crackin' couple of months

The summer’s long gone and the debate du jour is “When is it acceptable to turn the central heating on”. While we contemplate our own response, here’s a quick round up of the exciting couple of months gone by at JH!

Food Highlights

Our beef mince goes organic

We will now be serving organic beef mince at all our sites. Whenever we serve burgers, lasagna, chilli – or anything else with beef mince – you know it’s made with organic beef. Eating organic has both health and environmental benefits, here are just a few: organic beef means that the cows are free range, hasn’t been routinely injected with antibiotics or other drugs, is from cows that have NOT been fed on genetically modified ingredients. It usually has more omega-3 fatty acids and less saturated fat. We launched this initiative alongside National Burger Day on 23rd August.

Healthy Eating Week

In September, we ran a healthy eating week - the lunch menu and where applicable, breakfast and treats throughout the week featured healthy ingredients like: lean meats, whole grains, healthy fats, probiotics, prebiotics and lots of vegetables. On the menu we had: Lean meats like skinless chicken, turkey, pork loin; Whole Grains like oats, spelt, brown rice, wholemeal pitta, quinoa, millet, freekeh & tabbouleh; Healthy fats in form of toasted seeds, brazil nuts, olive oil, pine nuts, sesame, cashew, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, avocado, salmon, linseed, walnuts, almonds; Probiotics like yoghurt, tamari, kimchi, miso and Prebiotics like banana, chickpeas, sprouting beans, mung beans, oats, garlic, leeks and  onions. The menu was supplemented with lots of informational posters about the health benefits of each of these elements - an easy way to inform our diners to make healthier choices - with their lunch at work and outside.


Mini allotments

We are massive fans of #GrowYourOwn and are totally up for any allotment produce we can lay our hands on. One of our clients has kindly offered us a patch in their office garden and we’re currently growing speckled lettuce, mangetout, chillies, rocket and carrots. As a caterer needing to feed large numbers, it’s not always feasible for us  to be able to produce a full meal from this produce, but we are mighty excited to see what the harvest will look like. For National Allotment Week, we couldn't bring our allotment produce to all our clients, but brought them mini edible allotments to enjoy.

Themed menus

The months of August and September saw a host of themed menus - a Pakistani feast for their Independence day, a tasty menu for the Jamaican Independence day, Bao, Burgers for National Burger Day and an organic grain bar with roast British meats were among some of the themes for the month!

Pop ups


Make Your Own Plant Mylk

August 22nd is World Plant Milk Day and to commemorate, we taught our clients how to make their own nut and cereal milks. A plant milk making station was set up and people had a great time blending and squeezing almonds, brazil nuts and oats to make bottles of plant based milks!

Ice cream sundaes


End of summer was celebrated in style at our client's’ offices with a lovely ice cream sundae bar. Unusual flavors like black coconut alongside classic favorites like raspberry ripple - all served with freshly made chocolate sauce, fruit compotes and a whole lot of sprinkles and toppings. Happy days!

Jamaican Junction

All of us here are big fans of Jamaican food. So, a station to celebrate some awesome Jamaican food was just the ticket… We included curried goat, jerk meats and veg all served in yummy coco bread and a range of fillings.

Gins of the World

Antonio, our beverage expert extraordinaire put together a gin bar with an interesting curation spanning Portuguese Sharish Blue Magic, Spanish Nordes Atlantic, English Chapel Down, Italian Malfy con rosa and Japanese Roku all served with interesting tonics and a whole range of botanicals.

Hits of the month:

Jamaican Junction

Gins of the World

Pakistani Independence Day Menu