We're having our first Hack Week

Yes, a hack week. In a catering company.

Am I reading this right? I hear you say.

Yes you are. 

We’re big fans of innovation. What we do may not involve complex algorithms, building an app, or writing lines and lines of code. But, with a daily changing menu across multiple sites, this can be a fairly complicated operation. The kinds of problems we face every day include reducing the queuing times at your buffet, making sure all our food looks exactly as the development chef wants it to, and the logistical challenge (ahem, nightmare) of serving 1500 meals/day from a remote kitchen.

We wanted to do something to help us tackle these challenges and thought why not emulate our clients and be seen as a partner in spirit. The Hack Week in its first avatar at JH has been focussed on ‘Creating a Culture of Quality’ with a range of activities designed to foster a culture of quality & innovation within the kitchen and FOH teams.

Here are some of the activities we planned for the week:

  1. Job swaps for catering managers
  2. Competitor benchmarking
  3. Food presentation demos for the day's menu via What's App
  4. A "Design Your Space" competition for FOH teams to think creatively about how to answer a product and service brief from a fictional client
  5. Visits to Smithfield Meat Market and Kerb Camden to generate new product ideas
  6. A sourdough masterclass for two chefs at E5 Bakehouse

We also sent out a quality survey to get a better idea of what quality means to our staff and their view on how we can improve our processes.

The whole idea for the week was to help us look beyond what happens at JH and bring back new ideas and skills that would improve our food and service offer - all in line with our strategy for 2018. So far, it's been a success!

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Swati Deshpande