4 cookbooks we're super excited about this month

Christmas brings all the books to the yard

Yikes, 2016 has gone by quickly. We're right into the last stretch of November now, which means the mad scramble of Christmas shopping is rearing its head.

On the plus side, that means book publishers are in the middle of releasing all the best cookbooks that they've been holding back for the festive, present-buying season.

Here are four just-out books that we can't wait to add to the Just Hospitality library. We're also sure one of them will be a perfect buy for a picky relative (or look pretty fetching in your own kitchen, of course).

Nerd Out


by Ali Bouzari ingredient by ali bouzari is the ultimate food nerd out

For a lot of people, cooking is just plain intimidating. Either you have to spend hours poring over detailed, complex recipes full of ingredients they don't sell at the local supermarket, or you're trying to finish off what you have in your cupboard but have no idea where to start.

Ingredient, by food scientist Ali Bouzari, takes a completely different approach to other cookbooks. It tries to help you understand what your food is made of and what's happening to it when you cook and mix ingredients. The idea is to make you feel more confident with adapting recipes or changing course if something is going wrong. These are absolutely vital skills to help you not just cook better but use up ingredients in your cupboard and cut down on food you're throwing away. Ingredient is such a great idea.

Heatlh and Wellbeing

Eat with Intention: Nourishing Food and Meditations for Mindful Eating

by Cassandra Bodzak

eat-with-intentionWe are completely in love with the idea of this book. We try and reinforce to our customers that part of eating well and staying healthy is trying not to constantly stress about food and nutrition or expect to eat perfectly all the time. Day to day we hope we take a lot of that stress off customers' hands by serving plenty of fresh vegetables and healthy options. But for evenings and weekends, Eat with Intention, which is inspired by the online cooking show, might be just the ticket.

It applies mindfulness and meditation exercises specifically to food while providing plenty of healthy recipes, allowing you not just to eat nutritiously but to take time to enjoy what you eat and to allow yourself to change habits slowly instead of expecting overnight success. So you don't just eat healthily, but you feel healthy too.

Learn from the Best

Chiltern Firehouse: The Cookbook

by Andre Balazs and Nuno Mendes

chiltern firehouse the cookbookAs one of London's most exciting and most influential restaurants, we could hardly miss out on the release of Chiltern Firehouse's brand new and bound to be phenomenal cookbook, by chef Nuno Mendes and restaurant owner Andre Balazs.

Its incredibly creative, amazing tasting adaptations of European dishes with an American twist have definitely had an effect on our menu design, so it's thrilling to see some of them laid out here in all their technical glory.

We can't wait to have a go at those crab doughnuts or to learn more about Chiltern Firehouse's absolutely stunning cocktails. If you're interested in learning about the very best of the London dining and cooking scene, this is a fantastic place to start.

The Bigger Picture

Bread, Wine, Chocolate: The Slow Loss of Foods We Love

by Simran Sethi

bread wine chocolate by simran sethiThis isn't a cookbook, but it is an urgent story for food lovers across the world. While explaining the history of some of the tastes we can't get enough of - salty, savoury, sweet, journalist Simran Sethi tells us that across the world food is becoming less diverse and varied, with 95% of the world's calories now coming from only thirty species, and food increasingly all tasting the same.

Sethi interviews producers from all over the world who are maintaining and reshaping traditional cooking methods to help keep our food exciting and unpredictable, while delving into where it all beganĀ in the first place.

Bread, Wine, Chocolate is a love letter to people's love of food, but also a reminder to embrace variety and understand where the food we eat comes from.

Okay, so just writing this blog post has had us yearning for the moment we can curl up on a sofa and give them a read. But how do they sound to you? Think you'll be picking any of them up in a bookshop soon? Tweet us @JustHospitality.