5 reasons to put citrus in your diet

Citrus is another fantastic way to bring extra nutrition into your diet

orange piece

We cook with citrus because it makes taste food great - here's why it's great for your health as well.

The vitamin C!

We all know the advice to guzzle a gallon of orange juice the minute you start feeling a bit off colour, but vitamin C only does it’s job if you’re regularly topped up, so keep it in your diet all the time.

Soooo many vitamins

Citrus fruits aren’t just high in vitamin C. They’re also great sources of potassium, folate, calcium, thiamine, niacin, vitamin B6, phosphorous, magnesium, the list could go on!

lemons provide plenty of essential vitamins and minerals

Low in the bad stuff

Citrus fruits contain no fat or salt, and, for fruit, are quite low in sugar (especially grapefruit). That makes them a good way to top up on essential nutrition without getting more of the stuff you don’t want.

Great for your heart

Diets high in vitamin C and folate are thought to have a lower chance of heart disease in later life. No reason not to go for it when they taste so good.

Brilliant if you’re pregnant

High levels of folate will help babies develop properly during early pregnancy, so if you’re pregnant and want to adjust your diet, citrus is a great place to start.

So guys, how do you get more citrus in your diet? Personally I like to squeeze it over a salad or a nice grilled piece of fish, but what about you?