5 shellfish health facts that show why we cook it for our customers

We consider how every menu item benefits our customers before cooking it, and shellfish wins on all fronts

mussels are a good source of omega 3

It's about an even toss up for our customers whether they care more about the taste of their food or how healthy it is.

Shellfish is a win win on this front. When well-sourced and handled right, it tastes absolutely amazing. Tender, fresh, just a little bit meaty, and thanks to all the minerals shellfish soak up from the sea, truly bursting with flavour.

But shellfish is also incredibly good for you. The NHS says we should all include more fish and shellfish in our diet. Here are the 5 key shellfish health facts that keep us cooking it for office teams again and again.

1. Keeps your heart strong

Shellfish like mussels, oysters, squid and crab and good sources of omega-3 oils. These oils help to lower the risk of heart disease and prevent high cholesterol.

squid is an especially nutritious shellfish

Photo credit - Geoff Peters

2. Helps you to heal

Shellfish is high in zinc and copper. Zinc is a key mineral in keeping your immune system going and fighting infections, while copper helps wounds to heal properly.

the copper in shellfish helps wounds to heal faster

Hey there, worried that eating shellfish has a high environment cost?  We're signed up to the sustainable Fish Cities pledge to keep us sourcing ethical fish and shellfish that allow wild stocks to survive. Read our sourcing policy.

3. Helps you burn fat

Shellfish also contain a lot of iodine, which boosts your metabolism. A strong metabolism helps you burn fat and have more energy for exercise.

The selenium in shellfish can improve cognitive function

Photo credit - Larry Hoffman

4. Gives your brain a boost

The high levels of selenium in shellfish could really help your cognitive function. That's because it increases your levels of neurotransmitters.

iodine in shellfish boosts metabolism and helps us burn fat

Wondering about the safety of cooking with shellfish? We have a 5 star food hygiene rating at every single one of our sites, including our production kitchen, and are fully compliant with new allergens reporting legislation.

5. Great for babymaking

While most of us know you should steer clear of shellfish when pregnant, that's not the case beforehand. That's because iodine can also increase fertility!

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