For a day, our team can be whoever they want to be (in JH)

A Day in the Life is going to help us understand each other and get things done

Today I want to update you on a new learning initiative we've just introduced.

chefs consult over a recipe

A Day in the Life is pretty simple - any team member can ask to work in another team member’s role for a day - and we think it could be a big deal for our company.

There’s a real challenge a contract caterer like us faces, which is that we work in small teams at so many different sites. Because our standards are so high it’s important our whole company work with shared purpose and collaborate closely to solve problems and implement new ideas quickly.

That’s a bit difficult when we don’t know what most of our colleagues spend most of their days doing. A task that might seem simple to the front of house staff could be a big undertaking for the team in the kitchen, and vice versa. Everyone's job is always more complicated than everyone else thinks it is.

And that’s how we came up with A Day in the Life. Working for a day in another role gives everyone a chance to understand how everyone else works. It promotes good communication and respect and should improve problem-solving across teams. We’re very excited about it.

Does this scheme sound good to you? If you want to know more about working at Just Hospitality, apply for one of our roles or email us at recruitment[at]