August Food round up: Last of summer produce

August was full of amazing food from the last of brilliant British summer produce. With our tech clients hosting a wide range of interesting events for their staff, we had a great time putting together some awesome menus for these - including a ‘Hack Week’. Read on to find out what food we got cooking this month.

August Food Highlights:

Falafel bar

Summer is a season of light eating and we decided to give meats second place on the menu with an amazing falafel bar taking centre stage. And the result was incredibly well received - falafels included traditional chickpea and herb, beetroot & nigella seeds and and an Asian sweet potato one with a range of fillings and dips with pitta breads. It was loved so much that we plan to have a few more falafel bars next month.


National Burger Day

A favorite summer barbecue food, burgers are a quintessential part of urban diets these days. Long gone are the perceptions of unhealthy, ‘I don't know what’s in there’ nature of burgers, they’re all gourmet now, with the best quality meats. We celebrated National Burger day with a Burger station for lunch - beef, pork & nduja and Thai chicken with a slaw station and seasoned salts


BBQ theme menu

Summers are synonymous with barbecues out on the terrace or parks. We brought the barbecues to our clients’ offices with a barbecue themed menu - with a range of meats from the bbq -  beef briskets, sausages, chicken, halloumi & veg kebabs and s’mores brownies to finish off the meal of course!


Brazilian theme menu

You may have gathered by now, of our fondness for themed menus from around the world - and this month had its fair share. Brazilian themed menu went down a treat with feijoada, chicken baked with coconut and Brigadeiro and beijinhos to end the meal.


Indian Independence Day theme menu

Our diners love the Indian menus we serve - and to commemorate Indian Independence Day we served a delicious menu in the colours of the Indian flag - just like they like to in India! So a butter chicken, a slow cooked lamb and coconut curry and saag paneer made up the tricolour.  This was accompanied by one of India’s favorite snack salads - bhelpuri!


Korean menu

A brilliant themed menu especially since Korean is a slightly unexplored cuisine in London at the moment. The menu with Dakgangjeong - the crispy fried chicken with peanuts & chillies,  glazed duck, and a mixed banchan turned out to be quite a hit with our diners.  

Mac n cheese bar

We often get requests for certain foods / themed menus. And this month we had a few requests for mac n cheese. We decided to make a bar of it - after all, what’s not to love about Mac ’n’ cheese? So 3 cheese Mac ‘n’ cheese it was with a beef shin ragu or truffled mushrooms. Yumm!


Carnival menu

Notting Hill Carnival brings a party vibe to London and we were not too far behind with a superb Carnival themed Caribbean menu - that had the staple - jerk chicken and other carnival favorites like Bajan beef brisket and Trinidadian chickpea roti.

Pie Day

“Cut my pie into four pieces, I don’t think I could eat eight.” - they said. And how true was that. Our pie days have always been a favorite with our diners and this time we had steak ale & horseradish; chicken and ham and mushroom pies.  


Italian  menu

An all time summer favorite - Italian menus are always one of the most requested by our diners. And what a menu this one was - with chicken, courgette & basil lasagne and wild mushroom & truffle risotto; marinated aubergine and mozzarella bruschetta and a cappuccino cake. Simply delicious.


Vietnamese menu

The last of our themed menus for August was a Hanoi inspired menu. We had classic Vietnamese dishes like duck curry, caramel chicken served with stir fried vermicelli and veg noodles and a matcha cake with raspberries and white chocolate

Pop ups / Demos

Hack Week

Hack Weeks or Hackathons are marathon programming or coding days at tech companies. We supported the Hack week at our client's offices by offering a range of special morning, mid afternoon treat trolleys around the office and evening snacks in addition to some of the themed menus from above. In addition to the delicious food, we also facilitated some amazing treats from external vendors - Vietnamese iced coffees from Pho, natural ice lollies from Lickalix, hot dogs from Bubbledogs and many more!!


Around the World snacks

An evening dedicated to drinks and nibbles from around the world - all complete with props and decorations is way too much fun!


Pasta masterclass

Our clients, Splunk UK love a good team building activity. The folks at Burro e salvia put together a fun pasta making demo and also let Splunkers try their hand at making pasta. They also tried to make a couple of different pastas. Strozzapreti with Pesto Siciliano and Agnolotti Cavour with butter and sage. We of course suggested some amazing wines to pair with the food and a great time was had by all!

Themed cakes

Our genius pastry chef Marius baked these lovely cakes for our clients - get in touch with us if you’d like such stunning cakes for special occasions!


Hits of the Month:

Falafel bar

Carnival menu

Mac n cheese bar

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