Beans are full of words you've never heard of - but should have

Beans are full of essential chemicals that make your body work better. So many, in fact, there's got to be something fishy going on.

beans are full of important chemicals you've never heard of

The humble bean, aka legume. Baked beans, broad beans, butter beans, peas, chickpeas, kidney beans - we eat them all the time. We know they're a great source of fibre and protein, but what if they're hiding something else...

That's right, WAKE UP SHEEPLE. The words are in your beans. You might not have heard the words before, but they're in your food, filling up your haricots, sleeping in the lentils, waiting to change your system in subtle ways, ways you might not even notice, until one day...

Be afraid.

(Or rather, don't.)

The phytochemicals!!!

Guys, I know it sounds dramatic, but these are in every plant you eat. They're everywhere, doing things like making blueberries blue and garlic smell like garlic. They might also, and this is where it gets really scary, help to prevent you developing heart disease.

The isoflavones?!

These almost only appear in beans. It's like someone got some beans in a lab and performed weird experiments on them, except for the fact that never happened and isoflavones are naturally occurring. A diet rich in isoflavones could also help to prevent postmenopausal cancers. Argh!!!

The saponins

When you shake saponins in water, they foam up like soap. There's no way that's normal. They also lower your cholesterol - by up to 10% if you eat a lot of them. I mean, how can a food be that good? Seems bad.

The phytosterols

I don't even know where to start with these. Like, why aren't people talking about them more? Get this - they are similar in structure to cholesterol, but they lower your cholesterol levels. They're like a funhouse mirror of nutrition, and we all know the funhouse mirrors are the worst thing at the fairground (seriously, £5 to look in a mirror, what is this). Not only that, but scientists are researching whether they can help prevent lung, stomach, ovarian and breast cancers. What are they hiding.

Okay, granted, so far we can't find any evidence that these chemicals are doing anything except making your bodies fitter, stronger and better at fighting disease. But we know the truth is out there, and we're here to keep you healthy, so we'll keep digging.

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