Beat the heatwave with these 6 hydrating fruits and vegetables

We hope you've all braced yourselves - found your thinnest cotton shirts, hooked up your desk fan and practiced your "God this is awful" faces, because after several weeks of blazing temperatures, today is primed to be the big one. London's going to hit 30C around lunchtime and stay there until Thursday. And unless you happen to have booked some holiday this week and are sat on a beach or in a London lido smugly texting your colleagues right now, you might be feeling a bit, well, apprehensive. But we can help - firstly with hydration. Even mild dehydration can affect concentration, memory and energy levels, so you really want to get in plenty of fluids if you want to keep your working days moving.

Let's be honest though - drinking water is boring. Constantly pouring it down your throat becomes a boring slog, and there are much more fun and tasty ways to get the water you need, which also don't involve filling yourself up with sugar.

In fact, in important news, on Thursday we'll debut our hydration salad bar, where we'll take a slab full of hydrating fruit and veg to one of our eateries to really refresh a team.

To help you out in the meantime, here's some of the fabulous produce we'll be sharing to make sure our customers don't start dropping in the canteen.

Cucumber - 96.7% water

When you’re eating cucumber you’re basically just eating crunchy water. That makes it great in a vegetable smoothie for adding some liquid to all that fibre. cucumbers have a very high water content

Iceberg lettuce - 95.6% water

Nutrition-wise iceberge lettuce isn’t much better than cardboard (okay, it's a bit better than cardboard) but it will give you an extra boost of water. Maybe don't leave that side salad on the plate, just this once.lettuce is low nutrition but high hydration

Celery - 95.4% water

At just 6 calories per stalk, celery bring aromatic flavour, plenty of vitamins and plenty of water into your meal. celery is full of both water and vitamins

Radishes - 95.3% water

Bright, spicy and almost entirely water, radishes are perfect for adding crunch to your salads. radishes add flavour and crunch to a salad - and also water

Tomato - 94.5% water

You don’t need us to tell you what to do with a tomato - because the answer is everything! Sauces, salad, marinades, you can’t go wrong. tomatoes are incredibly versatile and incredibly hydrating

Watermelon - 91.5% water

The jewel in the crown of hydrating foods. Could watermelon actually be more refreshing than water itself? It definitely tastes like it. Put cubes in a water jug for some sweet tasting water every day. watermelon is a refreshing miracle worker So what will you be doing to survive the heatwave? Going to head to the shops and get in the groceries? Let us know!