Can dessert ever be good for you?

It can sometimes seem like feeling good and staying well can never go hand in hand

cupcakes, one of just hospitality's handmade treats Our customers are a health-conscious bunch. But it's also true that, like anyone else, they like a sweet treat at the end of the day. We try to cook food that will make our customers feel great, but when it comes to dessert that's a complicated question. So what’s to be done?

The bad news

No, added sugar isn’t good for you The maximum recommended amount of added sugar per day is about six teaspoons. Sugar is used in foods like bread and sauces so a dessert will often push you over the edge.

The good news

You can still make decent dessert choices

Check the ingredients

Fruit, nuts – these ingredients have health benefits, so enjoy them! Cocoa might also not be bad at all. It’s processed ingredients like flour, sugar and butter where you want to be careful.

Stay really active!

Getting loads of exercise can increase how much added sugar you can get away with. That doesn’t mean loading up on chocolate bars though – more the odd treat on a stressful day.

Manage the portions

Over the years we’ve got used to much bigger portions. We eat the same meals and snacks as our grandparents but everything’s larger. Try taking a smaller piece or sharing dessert with a colleague to compensate.

Don’t be too hard on yourself!

Psychology matters - tell yourself dessert is always bad and you might want it more. Instead set a cheat day to give in to temptation, pick a stressful task that needs a reward or a favourite dessert that you’ll always give in to. Just be sensible the rest of the time!

We hope that helps make it all clearer. What's the sweet treat you absolutely can't resist? (Mine's tiramisu.)