One ceviche recipe and two amazing crispy garnishes

This week we've been serving up some fabulous ceviche to our diners, and now we're sharing some of the equally fabulous recipes

Over the last week we've been visiting our client sites with our latest lunch bar. In a nutshell, our lunch bars are pop ups designed by Development Chef Susi Hester to showcase some of our favourite cuisines. We bring them to our clients and serve them alongside our normal lunch, and this week Susi herself has been bringing them one of her favourite dishes - ceviche.


Bright, colourful, fresh, healthy and delicious - ceviche is everything we think a plate of food should be. It's fish that's marinated in citrus instead of heated - the citrus "cooks" the fish and fills it with flavour, but it stays incredibly tender and moist. It's low fat, high protein and because the basic recipe is so simple you can really get creative with the sides and garnishes.


We knew this one would go down well, but even so we've been incredibly happy with the reception we've had this week from our diners - even when we clock them coming back for seconds.

Next week the ceviche bar train rolls on, visiting yet more of our sites. Before then, though, we thought we'd share the joy with all of you too by posting up a recipe for one of our ceviche dishes and some super easy,tasty recipes for two of the toppings we served with it - puffed wild rice and crispy plantains.


The ceviche recipe we're sharing is Tahitian poisson cru, also known as 'ota 'ika (both these terms mean raw fish). It's a little different from the other ceviche recipes, because it's also marinated in coconut milk, which makes the whole thing a little creamier and more luxurious.

Tahitian poisson cru


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The only real trick to this is to use good quality, sushi standard fish - ask the fishmonger about it. When you're serving it cold, the flavour really has nowhere to hide, so you want the good stuff. You don't actually have to use tuna either - you can go for snapper or halibut as well, but we think tuna works out as a very tasty and affordable option.

Ingredients 450g fresh, high quality tuna 1l cold water 2 tbsp salt, and extra to season 200-200ml freshly squeezed lime juice 200ml coconut milk Pepper to taste To garnish - ingredients all optional. Use what you like! Radishes, finely sliced Fresh coriander, leaves shredded

Method Cut the fish into 2cm pieces. Cover with the cold wither and tbsp salt, then leave for 20 minutes.

Take the fish out of the water and pat dry. Now put it into the lime juice to marinate. Leave it for around 30 minutes, or until only the centre of each piece is still pink, giving it the odd stir while you wait.

Take the fish out of the lime juice and add the coconut milk. Season with the salt and pepper and leave it again for 30 minutes.

Take it out of the fridge and sprinkle over the sliced radish, coriander, and anything else you fancy.

Puffed wild rice


This will bring some extra crunch to your ceviche dish and can also be used for all kinds of other salads or soups for some nice savoury texture. It's also very quick and easy.

Ingredients 50g wild rice 500ml cooking oil Salt

Method In a thick bottomed, deep frying pan heat the oil to 220C. You'll see the rice puffing up straight away. Remove the rice with a slotted spoon and drain them on a plate lined with kitchen paper. Sprinkle over some salt.

Crispy plantains


This recipe is very similar to the puffed rice, with simple ingredients, a lot of frying and a finished result that's full of plantain flavour. The only real challenge is in getting the skins off the plantains, which are much thicker than you'd see on a banana.

Ingredients 2 green plantains 250ml cooking oil (vegetable or canola will be fine) Salt Chilli powder (optional)

To easily remove the skins from the plantains, cut off the ends and score once with a sharp knife lengthways. Soak the plantains in warm water for five minutes and then take out of the water and remove the skins.

Thinly slice the plantains - you can do this lengthways or crossways, whatever you prefer.

Heat the oil over a high heat, and then add the plantains to the pan. Do this in batches to prevent the pan getting too crowded. Cook until golden brown - careful not to let it burn. Remove from the pan and drain on kitchen paper. Sprinkle over the salt and the chilli if you chose to use it.

Are you giving these a try? Got a favourite ceviche recipe of your own? Let us know in the comments or send us a tweet @JustHospitality, we'd love to hear your thoughts.