Checking in with our Highshore School work experience students

We spoke to the members of our team who work with students from Highshore School to see how they're getting on

Highshore work experience students at Just Hospitality

Chef Mamadou and work experience student Jamal

For approaching two years now we’ve hosted work experience students from Highshore School in Peckham. Highshore is a school for students with complex mixed needs, and one of their main aims is to give their students the confidence and life skills to live as independently as possible.

Work experience is about introducing the students to the world of work. It helps them learn how to maintain a routine, how to behave appropriately at work, how to speak to a wide range of people and how to do the job itself!

It’s also incredibly valuable for our team. It gives them all essential mentoring skills and lets them really make a difference in their everyday work.

But how are the students getting on? We thought we’d check in on all of them for a quick update.

Bradley at Yahoo UK


Student Bradley with front of house team members Madelena and Dion

This year our client Yahoo UK kindly agreed to have Bradley work with our front of house team in their office. He helps with customer service, stocking the kitchenettes and with keeping the preparation areas clean.

Andre Bienkowski, the Catering Manager at Yahoo, is extremely impressed with his work. “I only have positive things to say about our relationship with Highshore and Bradley’s time with us. Having him work with us is such a great experience for all involved. Bradley is a great kid who not only does a fantastic job but has helped the whole team improve as a unit.” Nick Clark, our Liaison Officer at Highshore, also said "I think he really feels part of the team and definitely looks up to Andre."

Josiah, Sheriff and Jamal in the kitchen


Josiah prepping vegetables

Josiah and Sheriff are fairly new, while Jamal has been working in the kitchen once a week since 2014. One of our chefs, Mamadou Sane, acts as their mentor, helping them learn new tasks and encouraging them to improve their skills. He told us they’ve all become much more confident during their time with us. “If you don’t speak to the students, they won’t start speaking on their own - but if you talk to them they always want to talk back.”


Sheriff working with the herbs

Nick tells us they’re all making great progress. “After a nervous start Sheriff feels comfortable working in the kitchen… and especially likes pressing burgers! He can seem shy in the noisy kitchen but he seems to have become more confident in school. Josiah has enjoyed his first few weeks at Ormside too. He is keen to develop his skills and explore different areas of the kitchen, especially the meat section.”


Jamal works on the lemons

Jamal, meanwhile, has come on a huge way since he joined us. Back then he would attend with a teaching assistant from the school but is now confident enough to come on his own. Nick tells us “by being able to master the skills in the kitchen he has grown in confidence. This placement has been excellent for Jamal to develop the communication and independence that the school aims to provide for all of its pupils.”

Just Hospitality’s Managing Director Dean Kennett sees our work with Highshore as a core part of our business and says he hopes to double our intake of Highshore students over the next year. In the meantime, stay updated on how they’re getting on over on Facebook or Twitter!

Or if you think your business could take on a work experience student (we highly recommend it), get in touch with Highshore. We're sure they'd love to hear from you.