Why it's time to ditch the kitchen

Removing the need for an on-site kitchen lets businesses get creative with space and brings in massive savings

In its latest report, Space Utilisation: The Next Frontier, CBRE shows that the growing drive to pack as many people as possible into office spaces can seriously damage productivity.

workspaces too densely packed can seriously harm productivity

They caution businesses against trying to make savings by reducing the size of individual workspaces any further. Instead, they advise creating more flexible and dynamic ways of working - designing spaces to facilitate collaboration and to allow each area of an office to be put to multiple uses.

We encounter these same concerns and priorities around space utilisation and flexibility with all of our clients – whether businesses newly making the move to London and worried about skyrocketing rents, or established companies trying to find ways to downsize on facilities costs.

Here are some more ways to integrate an amazing food service with flexible workspaces

These businesses approach us because they see we offer a vital part of the solution. Our fresh, hot delivery model allows us to serve food at the high standards that continue to attract the best talent, without taking up the enormous space required to keep a kitchen onsite.

the right food can act as a rallying point to inspire office workers

Spaces become more flexible too. Businesses are interested in the potential for “good food” to become a rallying cry that brings team members into the dining space for their catch-ups and team briefings, reducing the need for costly and under-utilised meeting spaces whilst creating a reward culture where work and pleasure go hand in hand.

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When it comes to numbers, savings can be massive. At one client, a global media company based in the West End with 350 staff, we saved them £200k by removing the need for a full kitchen fit-out, and, based on average West End rents, a whopping £500k savings every year in reduced rents.

Makes us wonder why any business is still trying to stuff a full kitchen into their office. If you've got an explanation, we'd love to hear it! Drop us a tweet @JustHospitality and join the discussion.