Does eating healthy food at work mean bringing in your own lunch?

Healthy menus are the cornerstone of our company, so we want to understand what healthy eating means to you

many people see packed lunches as healthier than eating at work

Like any good internet person, I spend a lot of my time googling terms and playing on google trends to see what people are talking about and what's getting them excited.

This week I've been digging around the world of healthy food on the internet, and I found something interesting.

healthy eating at work

Every result that comes up is about bringing packed lunches in. It's not about making the right choices from the food provided at your office, but bypassing that altogether to take control of your diet in order to eat well.

This is obviously very significant to us. We aim to be a healthy workplace caterer. We make everything from scratch, pile up on healthy, tasty salads and try to give our customers lots of information about how to keep their diet balanced. We want customers to feel like they're in safe hands with us. And if most people don't feel their office is providing the healthy options they need, that's something we want to hear about.

So I wanted to hand over to you and hear your thoughts. What does "healthy eating" mean to you? Where you work, do you feel like you have to bring in your own food if you want to eat well? Do you find workplace menus confusing? Tell me what you think in the comments below or join the conversation on Twitter and Facebook.