February Food Round up: 'twas all brrrrrilliant

February was an all-round awesome month, with so much food activity packed in! From themed menus to special celebrations, we had a dish for every occasion. Here’s what we got up to in February

Food highlights


Pancakes for Shrove Tuesday are an unbroken tradition for us at JH. This year we managed to pack in 4 sessions of live pancakes at our clients’ offices thru the day! Savory and sweet – with a whole lot of toppings including chopped bacon, coloured peppers, fruits, compotes and classic favorites – lemon & sugar, Nutella and of course all the flipping' fun!




Lunar New Year is observed all over South East Asia as a symbol of new beginnings. This year, we observed the day at JH with a delicious Asian menu. We also hosted a dim sum pop up alongside lunch!






Whether you’re a total romantic or an anti-valentine, we were certain these irresistible chocolate tarts & cupcakes from our pastry kitchen would be enjoyed by all on Valentine’s Day.



Regardless of your stand on Valentine's Day, what’s not to love about Pizza – its one of the world’s most popular foods (no 2 according to CNN’s World food: 50 Best dishes list). So when it’s National Pizza Day, it was but natural for us to have pizza on the menu. My heart cried a little bit for the ignored salads though...


Real Bread Week is the annual, international celebration of supporting your local independent Real Bread bakery and baking your own. “So what is real bread?” I hear you ask. Simply put, Real Bread is bread that is made without the use of processing aids or any other artificial additives. In its 10th anniversary year, #RealBreadWeek ran from 24 February to 4 March 2018.  In support, we served up hot sandwiches with BBQ beef brisket, slow cooked pork belly & crispy fried halloumi in real breads one lunchtime.

February saw a whole lot of themed menus: Superbowl themed menu with classic favorites like:  Beer braised chilli dogs, Buffalo wings Cajun fish tacos & Vegan frankfurters (VE). Swedish menu wth Lingonberry glazed duck; A baked potato bar with classic fillings like chilli con carne, chicken & mushroom

With such awesome themed menus, the treats this month weren’t lagging behind. February saw a couple of iconic sporting events - We cheered them on with themed cakes for SuperBowl and another one for Winter Olympics!


Pop ups & events

Breakfast pop ups

We had some super breakfast pop ups with an omelette bar, croissant bar with a selection of filled croissants, breakfast pots - with granola & chia pots and also a bagel bar! "A chef making eggs at breakfast - its like being on holiday" a client remarked. Happy days!

Valentine’s chocolate decoration

What is Valentine’s Day without some chocolatey love! We worked with the lovely folks at Cocoa Den to organise a chocolate decoration workshop - wrap it up pretty as a gift for your SO or show yourself some love by eating it all!

Nix & Kix cocktails

Our clients (and we) love the fresh and refreshing drinks from Nix & Kix, but boy do they make an awesome cocktail or two! We got them in one evening to shake and stir some fun cocktails!


Laksa Bar

February was the month of Chef Susi’s Laksa bar. Spicy Malaysian broth with noodles - what’s not to like in a Laksa? Worked out great with the arrival of #BeastFromTheEast!

Hits of the month:

Asian menu for Lunar New Year
Omelette bar
Valentine’s Day treat