Have you ever cooked with tea?

We can't get enough of cooking with this classic ingredient

Back on Monday we served green tea roasted sea trout as our fish dish. Apart from being a great excuse to draw your attention once again to us signing the Sustainable Fish Cities pledge (sea trout is a great sustainable alternative to salmon), it's had us thinking about the use of tea as a cooking ingredient.

earl grey tea is a really luxurious option as a cooking ingredient

It's been pretty recent in the UK that we've started thinking seriously of tea in our food, but it makes perfect sense. There are such a huge range of tea varieties, and most people have a pretty good idea of what the different types taste like.

That gives us a head start in deciding how to use the different types. Green tea, for example, has a refreshing kick, while black teas have a musky, heady flavour that gives extra rich character to a dish. Meanwhile, for our diners, tea in food is still a new enough idea that it's an exciting new experience every time we put it on the menu.

As for our favourite tea to cook with, I did a quick straw poll in the office and there was one clear winner - Earl Grey. The additional flavour of the fragrant bergamot orange is a beautiful, luxurious addition to a whole range of dishes. Recommended favourites were Earl Grey panna cotta with orange shortbread, Earl Grey creme brulee and Earl Grey tea-smoked salmon.

Want the recipes? Believe me, I am chasing the chefs up as we speak - I'll be sure to post them up here when I get them!

But first, over to you - do you ever cook with tea? Let me know your favourite varieties for cooking and what recipes you put them in. Drop them in the comments here or join the chat on Facebook.

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