Here's some rainbow Pride food to take your mind off, you know, THINGS

Pride is coming up this weekend, so let's forgetĀ the EU referendum result for a momentĀ and stare lovingly at some delicious treats

Every year we go Pride mad and load up the menu with rainbow food, but this year we think we might have outdone ourselves.

Yes, yes those are rainbow bagels.

Actually, let's get a close up on them.

rainbow bagels for Pride 2016

Feeling thirsty? We've got you covered.

Is that all, I hear you ask? Nope. Nooooooo.

I think the rainbow of dips might be my favourite touch.

But anyway, Pride is not really about tucking into delicious treats - that's just a fun bonus. It's about so much more - the freedom and safety to be you. So to all of our LGBTQ team members, customers and readers - and to their allies across London, have a fantastic Pride this weekend. And if you need anything, just let us know.

And as for, you know, that other thing. We think Sadiq Khan put it better than we ever could.