We just gave out gifts at Highshore School's summer assembly

We've loved hosting Highshore School's students for work experience, so it was so amazing to hand out gifts at their summer assembly.

Gifts for Highshore school as part of Just Hospitality's CSR commitments

For the last year, Just Hospitality has worked with Highshore School to provide work experience placements to their students. As a school for young people with complex mixed needs, work experience is an essential part of their education. It helps them build confidence, improve their communication skills and learn how to behave professionally - all part of helping them to live independent lives as adults.


We've loved having the students over to the JH kitchen every Friday and seeing how their confidence has grown over the last year. And we'd like to give a special shout out to sous chef Billy, who each Friday has made sure the Highshore students have jobs and tasks that will challenge them and allow them to make a real contribution to our kitchen operations.

Donating to the summer assembly

But on to the news. This week we were really honoured to be invited to the school to present gifts to the students who had achieved 100% attendance in the past year.

Highshore students receive gifts from Just Hospitality

And while is was great to give out the cookie-making kits we'd put together, the real highlight was getting the chance to see the students and teachers getting together for their year end assembly, and thanking each other for all of the hard work. And we were surprised too, when we were presented with a photo diary from our most recent work experience students - Abdi and Jamal. Here's our Managing Director Dean modeling the gift:

Highshore work experience students at Just Hospitality

Goodbye Cat!

It was also our, and the school's, chance to say goodbye to the fantastic Cat Rolley at Highshore, who organised the work experience placements and our sponsorship of their summer assembly, but who is moving on in September. We'll miss you Cat!

School tour

On top of that, we were given a tour of the school and its brilliant facilities by Charlie and Bradley. Bradley will be one of the work experience students joining us next year, so it was great to get to know him before he arrives at the kitchen. I also learned he's a pretty keen instagrammer - so expect him to be helping me out a little on the social media front!

If you're interested in what else we get up to in the community and how we meet our social responsibilities, stay tuned! We're just creating a new section of the site that will go into proper detail. In the meantime, follow us on Twitter for all the updates.