How we create great customer service - we SMILE

Customer service is as important to us as our food, and we take training our staff very seriously

We say a lot that we aim to cook the absolute best food of any contract caterer in London, but our work hardly stops there. In the past chefs as skilled as Heston Blumenthal have said customer service is more important than food when it comes to creating a memorable experience, and we think that while tastes in food can vary from person to person, the pleasure that comes from a genuine, human connection is universal.

quirky customer service makes every day feel special

Our job isn't just to keep people full at work, but to make them happy, so we invest a lot in training and developing our customer service staff. Alison Lloyd, our operations manager, makes staying in touch with her customer service teams across our sites her top priority:

"I have always said that a happy team will always provide good customer service, so I make sure that I have regular catch ups with the onsite teams and really listen to them to improve and develop their working day. A happy workforce is contagious and encourages good working relationships with our clients."

We've also developed our own bespoke customer service training programme. This training is led by the front of house staff themselves, with training documents written by some of our most conscientious and dedicated team members. Alison explained that "ensuring there is a good customer service training plan in place that brings everyone together across all the units is very useful. This brings people’s experience to the table, helps improve communication and builds team spirits."


The best thing to come out of this approach are our SMILE tips for customer service. These tips were devised by front of house team members Lloyd, Damian and former (and still much loved) team member Anita. They designed them as a simple way to remember the main ways we can create a fantastic diner experience.

The SMILE tips

  • See - Make eye contact with your customer and always keep an eye on what's happening around you
  • Memorise - Call people by their names and remember things like favourite foods and allergies
  • Inspire - Project an attitude that rubs off on others: friendly, relaxed and positive
  • Listen - Whenever a customer talks to you, give them your full attention
  • Eat! - Taste the food you serve so you can describe it and make the best recommendations

the staff of meraki taste ingredients in the raw bar

These tips are one of the foundations of our customer service training and we believe deliver fantastic results. At all of our sites our front of house staff are encouraged to act as champions of their customers, delivering feedback to the kitchen and ensuring they get the food they like best every day, and that's exactly what they do.

If you want to enjoy this level of service at your office, not to mention some fantastic food, get in touch.