Tired of naan? Try these other fantastic Indian bread types

On our dinner menu tonight is one of our favourite types of Indian bread, so I thought I'd share a few more with you

While JH loves a good comfort dish, in most of our cooking we try to shy away from the obvious to offer something different and exciting. That means doing our research about every cuisine we cook and giving our customers a really authentic - and delicious - experience.

When it comes to our Indian dishes, one thing we're very careful about is the bread. India has some of the best baking in the world, so we feel like we'd be doing our customers a disservice if we just offered naan with everything!

Here are four Indian bread types we love to serve - and some of the dishes they go best with.


paratha is one of the most popular indian bread types

This is a flat Indian bread in which baked wholewheat dough is layered and shallow fried in ghee (clarified butter) to give it a rich flavour and a flaky texture a bit like puff pastry, only softer. While it's not that widely eaten in the UK, it's one of the most popular breads in India.

We're serving it tonight at dinner, with a bengali prawn curry, lemon rice and coriander chutney. Be sure to get over to instagram for pics of the full meal - but you can see the finished bread in the picture above!


chapatis are a flat indian bread

This is the staple Indian bread. It’s a thin flatbread prepared using fine flour and kneaded by throwing it between wet palms (chapat is Hindi for “to slap”).

Because they're so thick, chapatis are great for quick lunch or snack wraps. You'll want a fairly dry or thick curry to prevent it dripping all over the place. Think tandoori chicken or spiced chickpeas.


Dosa is a gluten free indian bread

Image credit - Connie Ma

The best thing about dosa? It's a delicious Indian gluten free bread. This South Indian food is actually more of a pancake, made of a fermented batter containing rice and lentils.

Because of the lentils it's high in both protein and carbohydrate, and is quite filling. It has plenty of flavour too, and is often served simply with chutneys and a broth called sambar.


puri is an almost flat Indian bread

Puri is dough rolled up and cut into circles, then deep-fried. That makes it puff up into a ball so it looks like a roll, although in fact it's hollow (and unless cooked until crispy, liable to deflate not long after cooking).

Puri is especially popular as a breakfast bread and also for special occasions. It's great for filling with vegetable dishes like daal or with a bhaji, as an easy meal to eat by hand.

Do you have any other favourite Indian bread types? Feel like you'll order something other than naan with your next takeaway? Let us know in the comments or over on Twitter.

Or are you craving this sort of authentic cooking at your workplace? Well, then you better get in touch.