Introducing Jason Whomersley, our new head chef

With our company growing at a healthy pace this year, it was time to expand our senior team by appointing a new head chef

Jason Whomersley is just hospitality's new head chef

This week Jason Whomersley takes over the day to day running of our two production kitchens. Jason brings a huge amount of experience with him into the Just Hospitality kitchens - we suspect nothing could ever surprise or phase him.

He'll be hard at work maintaining the quality of our food and driving it up wherever he can, all the while keeping our operation as smooth as possible. Given that we cook a completely different menu from scratch for over 1,000 people every day, that's no mean feat. We can't wait to see what he can do.

So what about our former head chef, Susi Hester? Well, she's been doubling up for some time now as both head chef and development chef. That means as well as managing our production kitchens day to day, she's had prime responsibility for menu creation and researching new food services to offer our clients.

Jason's appointment will free her up to focus exclusively on her development work, ensuring that our food stays fresh and exciting and our business stays at the top of its game, without our operations ever missing a trick.

Good luck to both of you guys!

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