JH signs the Sustainable Fish Cities pledge!

This year we're working toward our second star with the Sustainable Restaurant Association. As part of that goal we are improving our fish sourcing standards. So, here's what we've done:

1. We've signed the Sustainable Fish Cities pledge. Sustainable Fish Cities is an initiative conceived and supported by an alliance of not-for-profit organisations working on sustainable seafood issues. Their goal is to create cities committed to supporting our seas and fishing livelihoods. For businesses, they provide support and advice for changing buying habits.

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2. We've written our own fish sourcing policy which you can read here.

3. Our menu maven aka head chef Susi is now using the Marine Conservation Society's Good Fish Guide to source all our fish and seafood. She ensures nothing we buy is on the fish to avoid list or above a rating of 3 on their sustainability scale.

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We're thrilled to be making progress towards our sustainability goals and surprised at how easy these changes have been to make. We really can all do our part to ensure future generations enjoy the bounty of the sea.

Have any of you made changes to your fish eating habits at home?

How does your office caterer stack up? Might be worth encouraging them to sign the pledge too.