June & July food round up: Summer cooking is fun!

What a summer this has been.. With days of brilliant weather and some amazing produce, we had a great time cooking summer food. Getting a new client on board was great fun. The good weather put our clients into a party mood and we put on quite a few fun events. The two months were just so full of amazing activities and great food, that we got around to writing about it only now. So here’s what kept us on our toes all of June and July.

Food Highlights

Rare breed meat sandwiches

June was the month of ‘Celebrate Local’ for the Sustainable Restaurant Association. We got one of our suppliers - Plantation Pigs, based in Surrey to help put together a delicious meal of sandwiches made with meat from this excellent farm. Choices included pork belly (Hampshire cross Duroc), striploin (Angus cross breed, aged 21 days), slow roast shoulder of lamb (Poll Dorset) served with condiments & breads. We wrote about this meal in detail here.


Sweden Day

We love celebrating National Days - especially because it entails researching and cooking food from diverse and exciting cuisines to bringing an altogether different experience to our clients. 6th of June was Swedish National day and we put together a themed menu, that included a brilliant smorgasbord, a traditional cake - Toscakaka and of course some meatballs!


National Fish n Chip Day

One of the most loved foods in this country, one can never really get enough of fish n chips! To celebrate National Fish and chip Day, we of course put together a brilliant fish and chip menu, with other favorites from the chippy - Saveloy sausages, curry sauce and plenty of beer batter scraps!


Healthy Eating Week

With all our busy lives and schedules, it is easy to slip into convenient eating habits which may not always be healthy. Healthy eating week in summer is a good way of reminding us of the benefits of healthy eating on our mind and body. We have always been proud of our selection of freshly cooked food for all our clients and to commemorate Healthy Eating Week, we put together a menu dominated by large salads with meat, fish and veg to add and dress as desired.


British Beer Day

Beer is not just a beverage in this country. It forms a part of British identity. With a host of local breweries in London, we put together a fantastic lunch spread infused with beers. Food included  The Five Points Brewing Co, London Smoke braised feather blade steak, spring onion & citrus slaw; Meantime lager brined chicken breast, w/ salsa borracha and Beavertown Gamma ray cauliflower rarebit w/ chunky spiced roast pepper sauce (V)

National Picnic Day

Summers are synonymous with sunshine and lazing in parks with a picnic! And with the brilliant days we have had this year, there were plenty of reasons to plan a picnic. We not only provided a lovely picnic spread on National Picnic Day, but also helped our clients enjoy their picnics in nearby parks or squares! I’d never say no to some scones, Scotch eggs or a glass or two of Pimms in the park.. Just a fun day Out of Office!


4th of July themed menu

We love getting involved with themed days from across the pond and the 4th July is one of our favorites. This year our themed menu included:  bourbon brisket, summer corn slaw, bbq sauce , a NY deli platter, and a baked oreo cheesecake to end the meal!


Wimbledon theme menu

The Wimbledon Tennis championships are one of the most popular events in the London calendar. It is a sporting tournament steeped in tradition - from the dress codes for the players to the order of awards in the presentation ceremony. But Wimbledon also has a very rich food tradition - some of the permanent fixtures on the menu include: Strawberries and cream (28,000 kg consumed in a fortnight) , the dutchee (a spicy sausage, 60,000 sold) and Champagne of course (29,000 bottles!). We put together a themed menu with plenty of dutchee and strawberries and cream with pimms jelly. ACE!


National Cherry Day

The arrival of cherry blossoms in grey, bleak winter is always an indicator of warmer weather to come. And boy, what a sweet fruit patience yields. Totally loved treating our diners to large baskets of cherries with their lunch. Build your own punnet!


Hawaiian theme lunch

The cuisine of Hawaii incorporates five distinct styles of food reflecting the diverse food history of settlement and immigration in the Hawaiian Islands. It has influence of the native Hawaiian, European & American, Asian (Chinese, Korean & Japanese), Portuguese & Puerto Rican. This blend of cuisines formed a "local food" style unique to Hawaii, resulting in plantation foods like the plate lunch, snacks like Spam musubi, and dishes like the loco moco. We put together a lovely Hawaiian themed lunch this July with Huli Huli chicken, pineapple & chilli pulled pork, lomi lomi salmon amongst others!


Pop ups / Demos


Pride events are held in London and across the world to express a positive stance against discrimination and violence against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. A large number of our clients took this opportunity to celebrate diversity in their workplaces and to come together as a team. We helped with providing some excellent themed food and cocktails!


Serrano jamon with Bar tozino

There is something eternally charming about watching someone carve jamon. It is an art and the guys at Bar Tozino sure do know how! We had them over at lunch time one afternoon. Never have we been so happy to see a stripped off pig bone !


Pasta masterclass with Burro e Salvia

Sometimes it is the simple things that are absolutely mindblowing. Who knew there was so much magic in flour and eggs? The lovely folks at Burro e salvia came over to teach our clients a thing or two about making fresh pastas. They even set up the pasta machines for folks to try their hand at rolling out fresh pasta..


Bring your dog to work Day

Several workplaces are recognising the benefits of allowing their employees to bring their pets to work - it enhances moods and productivity, improves interactions between colleagues and increases the overall workplace happiness quotient. Bring Your Dog to Work Day (I am not making this up, it is actually a REAL day) was a fantastic hit at one of our clients. We put together some lovely treats in a goodie bag and also treated the resident dogs to some dog beers - it was a Friday afterall! What a PAWTY this turned out to be.


Ice-cream pop ups

The joy of a scrummy gelato on a hot summer’s afternoon is unparalleled! Luckily this summer gave us plenty of opportunities to indulge in icecreams and gelato and we made the best of it with various ice cream pop ups across all our clients with Whipsmith, Scoop Gelato and Gelato Heaven.


Build your own ‘feel good’ garden

Food has the power to influence moods and we believe the guys at Augustus Bloom totally nailed it. They came to Twitter earlier this month with their ‘Build your feel good garden’ workshop - diners were encouraged to choose herbs and plants they would like to include in their little garden and put it all together in lovely pots to take away. It is a gift that keeps on giving..


A drink with a cayenne kick..

Never imagined a sampling session for a new sparkling drink would turn the office into a lunchtime disco. But that is what the lovely guys at Nix & Kix did when they put together a sampling of these brilliant low sugar drinks with a bit of kick.. With no refined sugars and natural flavours these are drinks you can reach out to - without guilt kix!



The sunshine and brilliant weather prompted a lot of our clients to host outdoor barbecues and we put on quite the show. At Deluxe in Perivale, we created an outdoor set up with kebabs and sausages on barbecue and over in the other part of town it was an Aussie spread with prawns


Hits of June & July

Rare breed meat sandwiches

Outdoor picnics - of course owing to the weather

Hawaiian themed menu