Just One Change will save you from the misery of new year's resolutions

With Just One Change we'll tell you a small, healthy change each week that you can make to your diet and lifestyle. Over time these little changes could add up to a big difference to your health and wellbeing.

Here's why we're doing it.


It’s 2017, and everyone wants to change their life.

Or at the very least, their lifestyle. The start of the year is the time for big decisions, and a lot of the time those decisions are about our health. “No no, but THIS TIME I really am going to become a healthy eating, wellness obsessed gym monster. Definitely.”


It’s beyond even a running joke now that no one ever sticks to their new year’s resolutions. Life is too busy, cake and chips are too tempting and you’re bombarded with so many messages about the changes you have to make to be healthy, it all gets to be overwhelming. When you want to change everything overnight, disappointment is inevitable. On the very first day back we overheard our own customers at lunch saying they were struggling to resist temptation. Change is hard.


We’re not the only person to have noticed that the constant pressure to live the perfect lifestyle and become a different person isn’t doing us any good. Last month blogger The Balanced Blonde wrote about her new commitment to slowing down. And this week, About Time Magazine’s editor-in-chief Angelica Malin went even further, committing herself to a retox of all the things she loves but has been denying herself for the last year.

More and more, people want to balance out health with pleasure. We’re also starting to accept that stress and putting too much pressure on yourself are just as bad for your health and career as that bacon sandwich you had for breakfast. As we always say, if your food is making you miserable, it’s not healthy.


So this is where Just One Change comes in. See, we don’t want to throw the baby out with the bathwater. You can slow down, enjoy yourself, focus on the things that make you feel great, but at the same time make healthy changes to your diet and lifestyle that will make you feel all around better. You just don’t have to do it all at once!

To change even a small habit, you need to give it time and attention. So each week we’ll suggest just one very small change you can make that really will make a difference to your health. Whether it’s giving up fizzy drinks, eating more vegetables or swapping out white rice for wholemeal, take a week to really focus your energy on that change. Let it bed in, try to turn it into a habit so that you don’t have to think about it every single time you pass a fridge!


Once that week is out, take a moment to savour that sense of achievement, and then we’ll suggest another little thing you can do to improve how you eat.

Sound good? You’re on board? Amazing. We can’t wait to hear how you’re getting on, so use the hashtag #JustOneChange on Twitter and Instagram to stay in touch and update your progress, and to get your friends on board.

Or maybe you have your own changes you want to make. What bad food habits do you want to crack? Or do you have just one change you want to make that has nothing to do with food? Disconnecting from the internet, reading a book - we can’t wait to hear about your own small easy changes you’re making to feel great in 2017. So let us know in the comments or get over to social media and tell us all about it.


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