Don't try this at home? Some mad uses for vinegar

Usually we stick to using vinegars to make our salads and sauces delicious. But not everybody does.

This week our Director of Food Matt stopped by a few of our eateries and offices about London to show customers how to make fantastic infused oils and vinegars, which they could take home to jazz up their salads and pizzas at the weekend.

Here's Matt having some, you know, fun with the customers:

Now, vinegar is a phenomenal and versatile ingredient that preserves food and adds a beautiful kick to sauces, soups, dips, stews and dressings. But according to the internet that’s just not enough for some people. Here are some of the quirkier uses of this fab ingredient.

Treating sunburn

Vinegar has antibacterial qualities that can genuinely help dry out the worst kinds of sunburn and prevent infection. But, you know, it’s an acid. So BOY WILL IT HURT.

Soothing sore throats

Apple cider vinegar is recommended all over the place for helping to treat a sore throat. Some argue that’s because apple vinegars have particularly antibacterial qualities – we reckon it’s that the apple flavour makes it taste almost bearable. Almost.

Curing hiccups

Well, desperate people will try anything. But ask yourself - if the alternative is burning your throat and coughing on fermented pickling liquid, maybe you’d rather just take the hiccups?

Conditioning your hair

Vinegar is thought to make your hair shine, get rid of tangles and protect your hair’s natural oils. Which sounds great! Once you get rid of the smell, anyway.

Cleaning basically everything

Making cutlery shine, getting streaks off windows, eliminating food odours, de-greasing ovens. Vinegar really works for all of these, and industrial cleaning products clogging the air in your house isn’t great for you or the environment. We’ll get behind this one - just prepare to put in some serious time and elbow grease.

So, think you'll give any of these a go? Or would you rather stick with a nice vinaigrette? If it's the second one, come back on Saturday for some of Matt's favourite oil and vinegar flavour combinations.

Or just let us know what you think @JustHospitality