We made Better Burgers today..

‘Just a nicer burger?’ I hear you ask. But they’re so much more than that.

It is Earth Day on the 22nd April and to show our support we are taking the ‘Better Burger Challenge’ - of which our wonderful clients were the beneficiaries.  

The need

The meat industry in the US is very resource intensive and as a result, the classic burger comes with a huge carbon footprint. Right from the farms where cattle are raised, their mass produced grain feed, the meat processing units and the final burger - each use up a large amount of resources. Now, with Americans consuming 50 billion burgers a year, it is a significant amount of impact we’re looking at. The situation is a little different in the UK, though the meat industry does still have a significant carbon emission.

So what are ‘Better Burgers’

Better Burgers are part of a U.S. initiative to make the American iconic hamburger more sustainable. They urge people to use alternatives that are less resource intensive - for example, using meat from grass fed instead of grain fed, organic and humanely raised animals. Most importantly, they urge you to replace at least 30% of the meat in a burger with organic vegetables, mushrooms or legumes. All to create a ‘better’ alternative at a similar cost but with a significantly lower environmental impact. It shows that burgers with less meat can be just as tasty and more environmentally friendly.

JH and Better Burgers

We at JH are always looking at supporting sustainable food initiatives. When our clients suggested the ‘Better Burger’ challenge - we were well up for it. So, on the eve of Earth Day, we served a ‘Better Burger’ lunch. Our chefs have come up with three mouth-watering options:

Organic beef & beetroot burger, horseradish mayo

Organic lamb & millet burgers, tzatziki

Organic smoked tofu, mushroom & cashew burger

All served with beef tomatoes, baby gem, cheese and rosemary potato wedges.

The burgers are juicy and so full of flavours from the added veg. To add to the fun, our chefs created an edible vegetable allotment - complete with hummus soil, at a couple of sites, so people could pick the vegetables they’d like to eat with their burgers. Who said being sustainable was boring?


Did you try our ‘Better Burger’ ? Will you be taking the challenge too? Let us know - tweet to us on @JustHospitality