March food round up: frosty but oh so good!

March turned out to be an all round happy month for us all at JH. Not even the ‘#BeastfromtheEast2’ could keep us down as we celebrated the International Day of Happiness with gusto. Here’s what we got up to in March!


Food Highlights

Laksa bar

The cold weather carried on from February and so did our warming, comforting Laksa bar - the traditional Malaysian noodle soup was welcomed by our clients  - all served with a choice of meats, crunchy toppings and a whole bunch of flavorful herbs. Yummy!


British Pie Week

Pies are one of Britain’s favorite staple meals. The first full week in March is celebrated as British Pie Week - dedicated to this favorite dish! We dedicated a lunch menu with a selection of pies - Steak, ale & horseradish; chicken, bacon & leek and spinach, ricotta & mushrooms - all served with onion gravy, creamy mash and mixed greens.





National Butchers Week

The local butchers were once an integral part of the community, supplying what was (and in some ways, still is) a staple food. The National Butchers Week is a great way to raise profiles of the local butchers and provide them with a platform to promote their skills and trade. This year, to introduce our diners to some lesser known cuts of meat, we put together a station serving lamb faggots alongside the usual lunch.


St Patrick's Day

One of the most popular patron saint days in the UK, we always look forward to St Patrick’s Day. This year the team went all out with some incredible treats coming out of our kitchen - homemade soda bread, Irish whiskey truffles and of course a fully themed menu for breakfast, lunch and evening snacks featuring a mutton stew, shamrock salad, Guinness & Irish cheddar mac 'n' cheese and Bailey’s cheesecake to name a few.


Easter feast

While everyone looks forward to a relaxing break and spending time with family over Easter, we look forward to the traditional Easter feast we put together - with roast leg of lamb and fish & leek pie and of course the chocolate egg nests!


Meatless Mondays

We ran a series of surveys with our clients in January and February. Results pointed to making healthier food choices and reduction in meat consumption in particular. We decided to help by introducing Meat Free Mondays every alternate Monday. The response has been great so far. We are no advocates of going meat free, but are certainly happy to help with making healthier choices :)

Mood food for International Day of Happiness

Science has proven that there is a deep connection between our moods and the foods we eat. To help explore this connection, our development chef, Susi designed a menu for International Day of Happiness - rich in food that help enhance your moods as part of a balanced diet. The menu included ingredients like -  Turmeric, Green tea, Cold water fatty fish – like salmon, tuna, cod, anchovies, sardines etc & fermented foods – like yogurt, kefir, kimchi etc.


Pop ups / Demos


International Day of Happiness

In keeping with our motto ‘Eat Happy’, International Day of Happiness was a BIG deal for us. While there was an interesting mood food menu on at lunchtime, we also hosted a few different activities for our own staff and for our clients. We teamed up with registered nutritionist Kate Taylor and food choice architect Kenny Tranquille to host a series of workshops that explore the link between the foods we eat and our happiness. In case you were wondering, here’s why it was important for us to celebrate happiness on this day.

Nutrition & Hydration Week

The official website for Nutrition and Hydration Week aims for the week in March are to  highlight, promote and celebrate improvements in the provision of nutrition and hydration locally, nationally and globally. We got behind the cause and hosted a raw hydrating salad bar, which went down a storm with our diners! Who can resist this colourful and tasty goodness afterall!

Easter eggs with Cocoa Den

An egg-cellent time was had by all at these fun chocolate egg decorating workshops run at our clients offices by our friends at The Cocoa Den. Pimping up a chocolate egg has never been so much fun!

Hits of the month

Mood food menu

Meatless Monday

St Patrick’s Day lunch