May food round up - an eventful month!

We’ve had a great time this May. With some beautiful sunshine through most of the month and all the glorious Spring produce, we had a great deal of exciting food and activities lined up. Here’s what we got up to.

Food Highlights

Mindful May  / Mental Health Awareness Month May is Mental Health Awareness Month. This year with the added focus on mental health at the London Marathon, this has been a highly talked about topic in the city. Some of our clients wanted to observe the month with initiatives at their offices, and we supported them with: healthy treats (vegan chocolate & avocado mousse to name one), raw salad bars with over 20 ingredients to promote healthy eating and tips on topics like - healthy eating for better mental health; importance of hydration for mental health.

Cinco de Mayo Originally commemorated as a day to celebrate winning a war against the mighty French Army, Cinco de Mayo (Spanish for 5th May) is a much misunderstood Mexican holiday. It becomes, quite often, a guise for tequila and Corona indulgence. This year on the 5th May, we aimed to bring focus to the really exciting Mexican food and had a themed menu running at all our clients for the day. Of course we chose to add some fun with pinatas & sombrero hats!

Southern American themed menu We brought together an entire Southern American Menu this month with shrimp gumbo, vegetarian chilli & corn bread bake, hickory BBQ pulled pork salad and of course the trusted Southern American favorite of all times - fried chicken & country style gravy.

Bun cha bar Chef Susi loves to treat our clients with a different kinds of street food with her mobile bars. This month was Bun Cha - a favorite from the streets of Hanoi, it has warm rice noodles, delicious barbecued meats and an aromatic broth - A complete hit with all our clients.

Sausage and mash What’s not to love about a good ol’ sausage & mash lunch - all so comforting. Cumberland sausage, beef & mustard, lamb & rosemary and meat free Lincolnshire sausages were all on our menu with a variety of flavored mash.

British Tomato Week We got all to-ma-toey with British Tomato Week from 22nd to 28th May this year. We showed our support of this wonderful produce, by putting together a special menu on Thursday, 25th May at lunchtime. All of our menu featured British tomatoes either in sides, as part of sauces or even in a salad and a hearty bowl of tomato soup.

Tapas menu Spanish cuisine is very popular with our diners and we put together a brilliant one in May  - the meal was made of 8 different tapa with lots of sides and salads. Excelente!!


Evening entertainment events - cocktails & canapes We’ve had our Grazing Platters menu for a while now to cater to parties, but this month we put together a few parties with a complete bar setup and cocktails from our in house bartender extraordinaire - Antonio.


Pop up’s / Demos

Festival popcorn trolley A trolley wheeled around office with various wonderful flavored popcorn - Just what's needed on Friday afternoon!


Twitter Coffee Week The folks at Twitter are complete coffee buffs and when they decide they wanted us to put together a Coffee Week - we pulled out all the stops.  We had 2 specialist vendors come in every day for coffee training, tasting, sampling of different kinds of coffees, goodie bags and a grand finale with espresso martinis on Friday at tea time!! A Big Thank you to all the partners - Grind, Union Coffee, Flatwhite, Liquidline & Nude Espresso

Urban brew - coffee shaking It seemed like Spring was making everyone long for a nice cold brew coffee. We got the guys at Urban Brew to put together a cosy coffee lounge at one of our clients’ offices and teach them how to shake a coffee or two!

A tasting with Jing Tea The world of technology can often be quite busy and stressful and sometimes. Tea can be a calming influence. Jing Tea introduced us to some herbal teas and also conducted a tea masterclass for people to connect with their inner Qi.

Summer cookie decoration When Summer fun is all you have on your mind - a beach themed cookie decoration workshop with Crockett & Cook is what you need. Complete with mini sand castles for decor and of course a range of floral decorations for the delicious homemade cookies

#Chelseaflowershow at Splunk We're a caterer and bringing amazing food to our clients is our main focus. But we aren't just all about the food. We love having FUN and no idea is too wacky. This month we helped bring #chelseaflowershow into the Splunk UK offices. Chef Susi's edible garden one day and build your own garden workshop with AUGUSTUS BLOOM another.

Hits of the month

Meatballs & manchego croquettas from tapas menu

Bun cha bar

Tacos on Cinco de Mayo menu