November food roundup - spooky, special, thankful

This has been a month chock full of amazing treats, menus, events and special celebrations

Wow, so this was a month. In fact, it hadn't fully sunk in just how much we'd got through until I sat down to write this post! The big events were our huge Halloween happenings - which get an honorary mention here because we published last month's roundup before it all happened - and Thanksgiving, which as we've already laid out in a previous post is our biggest food day of the year. But they were far from the only events we had going on this month for our clients.

Scroll down for all the goings on this month and some lovely, lovely pictures.

Added value events

Added value are the events we organise to keep the work day interesting, at no extra cost to the client.

October 31 - Halloween For one of our clients Halloween is consistently one of the biggest days of the year, because they tie it in with an annual autumn fest complete with artisanal food stalls and pumpkin carving fun. We invited along our wonderful vegetable supplier County Supplies London and our bread people Bread Factory. Our chefs designed an autumn menu with Halloween twists and plenty of pumpkin.

And not to be satisfied with just that, our onsite front of house team organised a trick or treat trolley piled up with sweets to visit the desks in the afternoon and got into full costume to really cap off the day. We love our team.

Oh, there was also a pug and a pig there. This seems important, somehow.

img_2449 img_2452 img_2453


img_2455 img_2457 img_2467

November 4 - Afternoon tea For some clients we arrange regular teatimes. For them these are important chances to get together and talk about what's happening in the business. For us it's a chance to offer something different and special each week. On this occasion we went for an afternoon tea with incredible cakes and pastries prepared by our own pastry chef Marius. How does he make them look so pretty?





November 8 - North East Italian Food with Friuliamo Another teatime this. See, we don't always cook the food - sometimes we bring in our favourite food businesses to show off what they can do and what incredible food there is out there in fine London town. Friuliamo offers gorgeous traditional North East Italian food on easy, eatable small plates. Just beautiful.




November 24 - Thanksgiving We won't go mad on the details here - you all know what Thanksgiving is! If you want to know the details of how we put the day together, read our dedicated blog post. Otherwise, scroll down for the pretty pictures!







November 25 - Swiss rolls, strudels and cinnamon buns More beauties from Marius here. It would probably destroy you to eat sweet treats this good every day, but we figure if you only have something sugary every now and again, you should really make it count. Hence all these incredibly pastries.




Here are the artisanal producers who stopped by our offices this month to give our customers some fabulous freebies.

Innocent Drinks - You know who these guys are! They brought some of their lovely, pure fruit smoothies and juices to share with our diners - and some very comfy deck chairs too. Melt Room  - Who doesn't love a grilled cheese sandwich? Learn more about Melt Room on their painfully tasty-looking Instagram. Love Corn - This is a brand new snack startup. Their fantastic corn snacks went down a treat with our diners. Make sure you check out the spicy ones! Michel et Augustin - This super fun French cookie brand offers tasty, easy to eat treats. Perfect for pushing over deadline humps.






This month’s best three dishes

We’re not only about the special surprises - here are some of the day-to-day dishes that got our customers truly over the moon.

Cazuela de Mariscos We know not every diner likes their seafood to still have their shells on when it's served, so this is just an occasional thing for us. But it's also true that the shells add loads of flavour to a sauce, and for our Colombian themed menu on November 17 we just had to do things properly. It tasted so good.

img_0660 img_0665

Smoked fish platter with beetroot and dill salad and Nordic seed crisps Honestly we could easily have put our entire Thanksgiving menu on the list, but we've talked about that enough. This cold dish was also served on Thanksgiving, and is perfect evidence that whatever special menu or event we have going on, we'll never neglect our healthy sides. Our Nordic seed crisps are a favourite with a lot of our diners, and the sweetness of the beetroot mixed with the smokiness of the fish was a perfect, refreshing pick me up for the middle of the day.


Everything from Moroccan Day Moroccan food really just turns us to jelly inside. Our themed menu this month was out of this world, with a chicken and  green olive tagine, chermoula spiced bream with saffron potatoes or a grilled butternut squash, spiced chickpea and pine nut pastilla to choose from. We finished up with baklava, which was snapped up so fast we barely had time to take a picture...


img_0554 img_2557 img_0578

November’s top treat

Dulce de leche cookie sandwich It's like every word in the name of this treat fires off the pleasure centres, and that's before you've even taken a bite. Mixing gorgeous, rich dulce de leche with that crunchy soft cooky texture? Genius.

img_0608 img_0610

Bits and bobs

Surprise team bonding at the fire alarm drill One of our front of house teams had the chance to have a little down time this month after a fire alarm went off in their building. Never one to miss a chance at a selfie, our marketing manager Lisa happened to be about and decided to take advantage of the moment.


Chef Artur lives a Day in the Life at Twitter UK

Several of our staff are taking advantage of our Day in the Life initiative, which allows them to spend a day in a different role and get a sense of how everyone else spends their time at work. This time Artur decided to spend a day as front of house. He had this to say:

"It was really nice, an escape from normal routine. I think the best thing was learning about how different people work and how what we do in the kitchen affects them. I loved having a good time with the team - it felt like a day off! I think it’s given me some thoughts about what I’d like to do in the future, though right now I’m happy in the kitchen."


John Dickman makes a flying visit to the kitchen

It was really wonderful to host John Dickman, Global Food Program Manager for Twitter, at our kitchen in Islington. We talk to him so much online and over the phone, it was almost surreal seeing him in person. He gave some lovely comments about our operation and has said he would be happy to be contacted by anyone who has any questions about how we perform on our contracts. Let us know if that's you and we'll put you in touch.


Coming up in December

I feel like there's some kind of important food event in December, but I can't think what it is...

But of course there's still over three weeks before the Christmas break, and as always we have a full schedule of treats, events and fabulous food. Come back next month to hear all about it - or get live updates on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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