October roundup - we got healthy and indulgent, sometimes both at once

Sometimes you can't believe just how much you've done in a month. Luckily, we've got the photos to prove it.

Happy Halloween everyone! It’s the last day of the month, which means our monthly roundup is here! A quick summary of all our great office events and some of the highlights of our day to day catering services - in full technicolour.

October was a month packed with healthy events and tempting treats - plus some super spooky Halloween fun. In fact we’ve still got more to come today with a day jam-packed with spooky autumnal food. Stay tuned for an update on that later on.

Read on for the full details.

Added value events

Added value are the events we organise to keep the work day interesting, at no extra cost to the client.

October 3 - German unity day Sometimes our events are dreamt up by our amazing chefs, and sometimes they’re requests straight from the clients. For German Unity Day one of our office teams wanted us to design food in the colours of the German flag.

We’re always ones to seize a challenge, so we went all out, with red, yellow and black food all over the place. Our chefs made sure German cuisine had a look in too, with Sticky Bavarian beer glazed beef brisket served up as the main event.

IMG_1866 IMG_1869

October 14 - Mexican snacks and margaritas Sometimes teams just need to come together and unwind. We brought the happiness with some gorgeous Mexican snack plates and fresh margaritas made by our Catering Manager (and cocktail maestro) Antonio - be sure to keep up with him over at @JustEatMyTweet.




October 21 - French teatime You might have already seen that a couple of weeks ago we held our staff AGM, full to the brim with French food inspired by our chefs’ recent food trip to Paris. Well, we could hardly let all those fabulous cheeses go by without making sure our clients had a SLICE of the action. Yessss. Cheese puns.

On top of those beautiful cheese and charcuterie platters, brought to London straight from the heart of Paris, we had in some eye-poppingly stunning eclairs from our friends at Maitre Choux.

IMG_2122 IMG_2350




October 27 - Dim sum sidebar We really do like to spoil our customers. On October 27 our Development Chef Susi Hester visited Yahoo UK and cooked up fresh-tasting plates of dim sum on top of our normal lunch service Why? Just because.

With pork belly bao, vegetable gyoza and a table crammed with freshly prepared dips and dressings, everyone went absolutely mad for it. We even spied a few people coming back for thirds. Result.

IMG_2240 IMG_2250 IMG_2183

October 28 - Halloween cupcakes We like to go all out for the big festivals, and when it comes to fun food Halloween is one of the biggest. Last Friday we brought Marius’ creatively prepared spooky cupcakes. Check out the weetabix tombstones below! In the words of one of our customers, “holy s*** that’s clever”.



Here are the artisan producers who stopped by our offices this month to give our customers some fabulous freebies

Eat Poke London - Fresh and healthy Hawaiian poke from the experts Maitre Choux - Beautiful, irresistible eclairs. Check our French teatime above for pics!

hawaiian poke from Eat Poke London

This month’s best three dishes

We’re not only about the special surprises - here are some of the day-to-day dishes that got our customers truly over the moon.

Spinach and ricotta tortellini with squash veloute and cheese crisps Because cheese crisps are truly the kings of the garnish world. Also because a Catering Manager who hails from Italy said she was loving it. We take that as high praise.

spinach and ricotta tortellini

Thai yellow chicken curry with fresh turmeric, crispy shallots, steamed rice and sugar snaps We don’t share that many pictures of curries because, let’s be honest, in the middle of a busy service it’s hard to jazz up some meat or veg in sauce enough to look pretty in photos, no matter how good it tastes. This one’s still getting in though, because a customer commented that it was the best Asian dish they’ve ever tasted from us.

thai chicken curry

Cod baked in Keralan coconut sauce, turmeric and whole spice roast cauliflower and mixed greens Oh, we know, another saucy one. But it was just so good! We picked this one for two reasons. Firstly, we love it when our chefs prepare a dish inspired by a cuisine that hasn’t gained a ton of attention yet in London. Secondly, because you can just feel the healthiness wafting out of this dish alongside the amazing aroma of spices. Food that’s delicious and good for you? Can’t get better than that.

keralan cod

October’s top treat

Dark chocolate pistachio fudge From healthy to delectable. To keep things healthy we only make a treat once or twice a week for many of our clients, so we really like to make it count. This dark chocolate pistachio fudge was so obscenely good we had to do a double take with every mouthful.

dark chocolate pistachio fudge

Bits and bobs

October 20 - Team JH Annual General Meeting Yes, this was an internal event and we’ve gone on about it plenty already - you can read the full update here. But it deserves an honourable mention in the roundup for the amazing French food brought from Paris by our chefs, incredible pastries whipped up by our Pastry Chef Marius, and fantastic cocktails from Antonio. Yum.

IMG_2130 IMG_9643 IMG_0026

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Coming up in November

With November comes one of the highlights of our cooking calendar - Thanksgiving! Expect pictures of roast dinners that will make you feel toasty and comforted wherever you are. Get over to Instagram or Twitter to see them in real time. Or just see you back here next month!

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