October food round up: It's time for change!

October is always a month of change.. Of seasons and seasonal ingredients, of time and clocks and of course of new concepts and themes making their way into our menus. As always, we enjoyed this and ended the month on a total high with an absolutely ‘spooktacular’ Halloween themed menu. Here’s what we got upto in October.


Food Highlights

Reduce / Reuse / Recycle

Food waste is a real problem and one that we aren't dealing with quickly enough. To show our support to the Sustainable Restaurant Association’s Food Made Good Campaign theme for the month, we decided to introduce a menu which reduced food waste and reused or recycled some of the so called ‘waste’ into something all the more tasty. The menu featured Rose veal: mostly veal comes from young males of dairy breeds who are not used for breeding and hence an estimated 100,000 to 150,000 male dairy calves were shot within hours of birth. Rose veal certainly helps address some of this needless waste of animal life and is an extremely tasty product; Crispy peelings: scrubbed and fried carrot and potato peels from the mash potato & roast carrots;  Crispy skin: slowly crisped fish skin - otherwise discarded; Carrot top pesto, beetroot pesto: pesto made with tops from roast carrots & beetroot leaves - imparting unique colours & flavours;  Roast cauliflower leaves: blanched and roasted leaves, served alongside spiced cauliflower;  Broccoli stems: used in soffrito to add more vegetable flavour to risotto.; Cheese oil: discarded cheese rinds steeped in oil to impart flavour. We realised how making simple changes to the way we cook helps us be creative about managing food waste.

Reduce reuse recycle.jpeg


Caribbean theme menu

Always a hit with our diners, we created a fun and tasty Caribbean themed menu with BYO Cuban mojo sandwiches, Puerto Rican grilled fish, Habichuelas and of course a pineapple, rum and caramel upside down cake!

Diwali theme menu

Diwali is the festival of lights, mainly celebrated in India and some other parts of Southeast Asia.  It is celebrated in India with great food - a variety of savory snacks and sweets - mithais accompanied by lots of lights shining on housetops, outside doors and windows etc and bursting of firecrackers. Our Diwali menu came with a selection of vegetarian curries, parathas, savory snacks and samosas and an assortment of Indian sweet treats including chocolate burfi and besan laddoo.

diwali sweets



We do encourage our diners to tweet or write to us with requests. Early on in October, we got tweeted a request for Bao. Never one to turn down a request for delicious food, we put together an entire BYO Bao bar, with dashi braised pork belly, shredded hoisin duck, teriyaki salmon - all in soft, pillowy bao buns. We love keeping up with the latest trends in town (and save our diners from standing hours in queues ;) ), so if you have JH in your office, ask away!


World Pasta Day

Pasta is one of world’s favorite foods. So, on World Pasta Day, we had not one, but four types of pasta with six different sauces / ragu - including red wine braised beef shin, wild mushroom & porcini and a range of sides and toppings such as slow roast cherry tomatoes, toasted pine nuts and served with copious amounts of grated parmigiano reggiano.

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-25 at 12.48.01.jpeg


Halloween theme menu

When it comes to themed menus, we like pulling out all stops! Halloween was one such memorable lunch. A complete ‘spooktacular’ theme menu with “Skeleton ribs and sausages”, “Witches broth with crispy bats”, “worms and leaves” salad, “puking pumpkins” with nachos and a “graveyard” cheesecake! We loved how everyone got totally excited about this spooky menu and got totally involved in the fun!

Halloween 1
Halloween 2


Pop up / Events / Demo


October is of course time to rejoice for all beer lovers and we put together a few different Oktoberfest events for our clients - from serving copious amounts of beer and schnitzel, to organising beer hampers or even arranging a beer tasting evening with Biercraft, we saw some serious beer action all around. And happy faces.


Oktoberfest 2

Halloween events

While there was a superb themed menu on the day, a few of our clients chose to have separate parties to celebrate Halloween. There was also a party for kids - all with spooky cupcakes, some trick’o’treating and treat bags for the little ones!


Yuk sung bar


A focus on healthy eating is great and one of our clients asked us to put together a ‘Yuk Sung’ bar alongside their lunch. A choice of aromatic pork, chicken or tofu wrapped in lettuce leaf with a choice of crunchy toppings and sauces. Healthy, simple and absolutely delicious!

Yuk Sung bar


Marinated labneh & feta workshop


We cook food from around the world and quite often get asked for tips and recipes not only for food, but also condiments. To add fun to a work day, one of our clients asked to organise a fun food workshop and Chef Susi put together an interactive session for people to marinate their own feta and labneh balls in spices nuts and flavored olive oil to take away in little jars. Being able to choose your own flavoring and spices meant people could experiment with their likes and dislikes and take away a snack they would really enjoy!

feta / labneh
feta / labneh 2

Autumn fair Twitter


We put together a bountiful Autumn fair for our clients Twitter. Breads from The Dusty Knuckle Bakery, Extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar from Vallebona, London honey and beeswax products from Bee Urban London and an elegant pumpkin decoration workshop with Crockett & Cook Co. Everyone had a great time and of course a bulging goodie bag to take home with them!


Autumn fair.jpg

Hits of the Month

Halloween Menu

The vegetarian curries for Diwali


Cristina Covello