Our latest Employee of the Quarter is...


This is Marius:


Marius is our pastry chef, and is responsible for all of the desserts and special one off treats we offer to our customers.

He joined the team back in October, and in that time has seriously taken our desserts up a notch. We don't just love his technical skills, we love his creativity and experimentation when it comes to new recipes and his fantastic attitude. He brings great energy and respect into the kitchen and is a pleasure to work with every day.

Not to mention he is the unquestioned, unbeaten champ when it comes to staff lunch duties.

So let's hear it for Marius, who will be rewarded with £150 to spend at a restaurant or food event of his choice. We can't wait for all the sweet treats still to come.

Marius plates up staff lunch


Want to join Marius and the rest of our amazing kitchen team? We've got vacancies!