Our new policy statement on the recruitment of ex-offenders

"Policy statements" might sound like boring bits of admin, but providing clear information is incredibly important to the people the policies affect most

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Read the policy here

In the last year, as we’ve made the transition from a small to medium sized business, we’ve given ourselves several big jobs to make sure that, as we grow, we keep hold of the values Just Hospitality was founded on.

One of our founding values is a commitment to transparency, so one job is to look at practices we’ve implemented for some time and make sure they’re guided by clear, easy to understand policies that people both in and outside the organisation can read.

This week, then, we released our new policy statement on the recruitment of ex-offenders. The point of this policy isn’t to make radical changes to how we hire people. It’s simply there to explain clearly what our obligations are to our clients, what we're allowed to do under the law and affirm our commitment to fairness in our recruitment.

In other words, we’ll continue to carry out Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks wherever the role requires and make sure this is part of a fair and open-minded recruitment process.

How are we communicating this to applicants? Well, to make things as clear as possible, all of our vacancies that require a DBS check as part of the process include a note about it on the ad. On top of that, anyone can download our policy from our careers page so no one has to disclose confidential information before they need to - as in, no one has to email us to ask for the policy.

We hope this will reassure any concerned applicants that we’re committed to giving everyone a chance to show what they can do. It should also give them all the information they need to decide whether the role is right for them.

If you have any other questions about our Ex-Offenders Policy or how we go about finding the best people, you can email recruitment@justhospitality.co.uk. Or you can have a look at some of our vacancies on our recruitment page.