Our second production kitchen is open

With expanded facilities we'll be more flexible in our menus and cook even more amazing food

In a nutshell: After taking on several new contracts in the last year, we've increased our production capacity to accommodate the new demand and pave the way for continued growth.

The full story: Over the last few weeks we've been putting the finishing touches to our brand new production kitchen, right in the heart of busy Islington.

Well, today it opened up.


You might have noticed a few weeks ago we had our team summer party in a rather lovely yard a few minutes from Islington station.

the just hospitality summer party

And as a matter of fact, that was slap bang outside the brand new kitchen. And now that it's all kitted out inside, we've sprung into action.

Look, just look at how shiny it is.

just hospitality's new production kitchen in islington

But I don't want to get carried away with gushing. Here's the detail - why we have it and what our plans are for this fantastic new space.

More food!

This is the obvious one, isn't it? With more kitchen space, we can cook more food. We bought the new kitchen mainly because we took on several new clients this year and have outgrown our existing kitchen in Bermondsey. With the new production space we've tripled our capacity, meaning we can keep our food standards as high as ever and keep taking on clients into the future.

More flexible menus

We talk a lot about our responsive menu design - by which we mean the fact we can alter our menus at very short notice because we make everything from scratch and serve it freshly cooked. Having a second kitchen increases our capacity to make lots of different things for lots of different people. It also means we can tailor our menus even more to each office's culture and preferences. Burgers for one team, a raw food bar for another.

More jobs

The new kitchen gives us the capacity to hire up to 25 new chefs. And while it's a tall order finding chefs in London right now, we offer some unique benefits - not least the combination of cooking fresh, high quality food from cuisines all over the world while still getting to go home by 4pm. If that sounds good to you, get over to JH Jobs on Twitter for all the latest updates.

And keep up with us to find out what else we have on the horizon.

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