How quirky customer service will transform your team's day

It sounds scary but it's true - to get the best out of your customer service team, you have to let them be themselves

quirky customer service makes every day feel special

There are customer service basics, the stuff we all know matters. We want our staff to smile, be polite, know their product inside and out and be able to answer every question instantly. But today we found a great example of why perfect customer service needs something more.

Bring something quirky

Truly quirky customer service creates an experience to remember. If you've hopped on to the tube at London Bridge lately, you might have noticed a chirpy member of the station staff offering bursts of London fun facts and warm greetings among the safety and train announcements.

And it's not just me that's spotted it - when I posted on Facebook that she'd just told us there's one pod on the London eye for every London borough, a lot of friends came back. "Do you mean the American woman? I love her so much!" "She's awesome isn't she? God knows how she maintains such cheeriness."

Thanks to her bright and breezy announcements, it's hard to leave that station without a smile on your face and feeling great about your day. Even ram packed on the underground in a heatwave at rush hour.

Make people love their day

This is the dream to us. A workplace caterer's job is to keep office teams smiling, energised and focused on the positive. That's what helps them to go the extra mile every day, so we have to go the extra mile to get them there.

And to us, that's giving customer service staff the training to be amazing at what they do, then setting them loose to be their quirky creative selves at work.

Take ownership

Rather than teaching our staff a hard and fast script, our main advice is to get to know your customers and what they care about, taste and enjoy the food you serve, and have fun doing your job. The best members of our team contribute to our customer service guide, so their knowledge is shared across the company.

Keep things relaxed

Where we can, we keep the dress code tidy but casual so the staff look and feel comfortable. We find any opportunity for them to express themselves - display walls, special events. Bringing quirky customer service to our eateries doesn't mean losing control - we are in constant conversation with our teams, but their ideas inform how we deliver our services and the unique atmosphere we create at each site.

Giving your staff the trust and freedom to be individuals lets them go the extra mile for their customers and inject real personality into their service. We think that'll have a better impact than any amount of script learning, and it gets us the results we want at every site we operate.

Do you think it's a good idea to give your customer service team freedom in how they work? Let us know @JustHospitality.

Or, if your office could do with a dose of energy and positivity, you should probably let us know.