Recipe - date, almond, coconut and mixed seed energy balls

This easy energy ball recipe is a sweet but nutritious way to get an energy injection

our energy ball recipes are perfect for a pre-workout food

Our famous energy balls are back! These are recipes that are super easy to make, will wake you up whatever task you're powering through, and taste fantastic.

At Just Hospitality we make these for office teams as a quick afternoon pick-me-up, when the lunchtime lift starts to wear off. They're also great for a pre-run or workout energy boost.

Here's our latest version, from sous chef Billy. Whizz them up in a few minutes on a Sunday and snack away as needed. Feel free to play with the proportions to get the flavour you like best - these are just a guide.

Date, almond, coconut and mixed seed energy balls

Ingredients 150g dates, chopped into little pieces 50g almonds 40g sunflower seeds 40g linseed 40g coconut chips 3tbsp honey

Method Put all the ingredients in a blender or food processor and blitz them up.

Roll into golf ball sized pieces. Either eat them right away or space them out on a tray and put clingfilm over the top, then store in the fridge.

Talk about simple!

Did you have a go? I'd love to know what proportions you tried or any variations or additions you've made. Let me know in the comments or @JustHospitality.