September food round up: What an eventful month!

September turned out to be an eventful month at JH - we saw some incredible food all around. The colder weather meant we had some warming food make an appearance on the menu. The arrival of our favourite autumnal veg, a new client, a trip to see some of our clients in San Francisco kept us busy through the month. Read on for food updates from the month.

Food Highlights:

BYO Burritos

There’s something so satisfying about eating a burrito. A combination of the flavourful, delicious meats, the rice, piquant guacamole & salsa and the soft flour tortilla just make it one of the most enjoyable meals. Being able to build up the elements to suit your own taste makes it a fun meal too. September’s BYO Burrito Day had a choice of slow braised beef chilli, shredded pork pibil and cajun spiced quoin. And of course all the extras - guacamole, charred tomato salsa, sour cream, grated cheese, braised rice and salads


Sausage and mash

A total comfort meal, sausages and mash are always a hit with all our clients.. This one was no exception - with a choice of 6 different sausages, mash all served with roast red onions, peas and onion gravy.


Back to School

September always fills us with a sinking feeling of ‘holidays are over’. But we tried to pep things up with a ‘Back to School’ menu featuring school dinner favorites - saveloy sausages, fish goujons and cheese pasty.. Now that’s worth going Back to School for I say!


Scottish theme menu

It was Scottish Food & Drink Week 3rd to 9th September and of course we had to feature a Scottish themed menu. So what actually comes to your mind when we say Scottish food & drink? Haggis? Porridge? Salmon? Deep fried mars bars? Whiskey? But there’s so much more! Scotland is home to some of UK’s best food & drink and our menu didn't disappoint. A venison & porter stew, haggis scotch eggs and lavender shortbread were just some of the highlights


Spanish Tapas

We have seen a literal 'Tapas revolution' in London recently with the large number of Spanish tapas restaurants that have opened. It is not only the cuisine, but also the concept of small plates and convivial, shared food, that has appealed to the discerning London diners. We recreated this vibe with a cracker of a tapas menu at lunchtime, which included classics like croquettas, pork cheeks braised in sherry, morcilla nuggets, tortilla and churros of course!


Rosh Hashanah

We absolutely loved celebrating ‘Rosh Hashanah’ - the Jewish New Year  with a themed menu- pomegranate braised brisket, harissa chicken, kugels and an apple & olive oil cake


British Organic Roast lunch

Soil Association has declared September to be the month for promoting organic eating. We put together a lunch menu with British organic meats and veg to jointly celebrate Organic September and British Food Fortnight. The menu saw slow roast chicken, pork belly and pumpkin, kale & brie wellington. What a treat indeed!

JH Highlights:

New client: Box UK

Going live at a new client is always an exciting time at JH. The planning and preparation that goes into it is quite intense. However as things would have it, our key operations team were away for the weekend that we were meant to go ‘live’ and we had to put together an unusual project mobilisation team. The launch went well and we are now proudly serving ‘Boxers’ their daily fix of healthy and delicious food.



Dean and Matt (our Managing Director & Director of Food) went to San Francisco to meet some of our clients. It really brought to light the importance of food in the workplace for our clients and the role they entrust us with, from the other side of the pond. We will of course share their insights in greater details soon.


Pop up / Demo

Pasta bar

Pastas are an all time favorite with all our clients and a pasta bar is guaranteed to be a total hit! This month Chef Susi treated staff at Twitter to some amazing pastas. Porcini & truffle tortelloni, tagliatelle with beef ragu, vegan pumpkin & sage tortelloni and some gluten free gnocchi. Susi was assisted by our office manager Zane, who chose to spend her ‘A Day in Life’ in the kitchen helping her prep for the bar and later helping plate up and garnish on site.


Gin Garden - Cocktail evening

What better way to unwind from a busy week than to host a Gin cocktails evening on a Thursday. The lovely folks at Gin Garden brought in some amazing gins and mixed some incredible gin cocktails. They even brought along a little copper still to show how gins are made. With all the cocktails and gin talk, everyone seemed to have had a GINTASTIC time!


Hits of the Month

Scottish menu

Mojito cheesecake

Tapas menu