So long Jillers! One of the best catering managers in the biz

One of our amazing catering managers is moving on...

In a galaxy far, far away, aka two years ago, a catering manager joined our team to take the reins at our newest site, charged with keeping one of the most creative, coolest workforces in London happy and well fed.

Jill Stewart, one of our amazing catering managers

That manager was Jill Stewart, the site was Twitter UK, and boy what a ride it's been. We couldn't have asked for a team member more committed to the needs and passions of her customers, championing them every day and working closely with our chefs to bring them food they'll love - helping us to set up an operation and food programme we are incredibly proud of.

As she moves on to enter the next phase of her career, w're super happy for her and incredibly excited for what the future will bring.

Looks like the guys at Twitter have some thoughts on her departure too...

We feel their pain.

Good luck Jillers, and don't be a stranger!

We'll still be posting the menu for Twitter UK every day at @JustEatMyTweet (with some really big shoes to fill), so be sure to follow us there for all the news.