The Angel Kitchen - the cookspace comes together

After a month of hard work at our second kitchen site (aka the sexily named Central Production Unit), it's finally starting to look kitchen shaped!

Lots of new equipment has arrived, we've installed our massive new refrigerator, and we've started moving everything vaguely into place. It  gets easier every day to visualise what the kitchen will look like once it's all finished up.

just hospitality's angel kitchen takes shape

Well, sort of.

Okay okay, yes it doesn't look like much. But dotted about we're seeing some hints of what a fantastic space it will be once it's all done. Those tables there in the centre - they'll be part of a huge prep space that will be full of busy chefs cooking up the specials for the day.

What else. Well, there's...

new ovens at the just hospitality angel kitchen

Ovens! A pretty important part of any kitchen, I'd say. We use the ovens for all sorts - baking bread and desserts, sun-drying tomatoes, roasting nice, succulent... joints of... meat...

*Cough* sorry, was a bit distracted there for a second. Let's move on!

walk in fridge at the just hospitality angel production kitchen

This here is the fridge - already buzzing away. I've been working for Just Hospitality for four years now, and for some reason I still get giddy every time I get to walk inside a giant fricking fridge. 

Once we're up and running, we'll have shelves in here stacked full of everything that has to keep cold and safe before use. That includes raw ingredients and anything we marinade overnight to get it nice and tender for the morning cook.

wash station at the just hospitality's new angel production kitchen

This here is the starting stages of the wash station - the most important part of the kitchen. Washing up might not be glamourous, but anyone who's had flatmates knows how quickly the plates can pile up. Imagine how much washing up there is in a kitchen cooking for hundreds of people every day. Yep.

So that's a quick little tour of where we are with the kitchen- we'll keep updating as we go. Can't wait to show you the pictures when it's all glossy and shiny and finished!

Next  time we'll fill you in on our plans for some of the many nooks and crannies of this big, big space - including the office!

temporary desk at just hospitality's new angel production kitchen

Which, as you can see, needs some work.

In the meantime, you can follow updates and pics about the fit-out - as well as some very nice food and mostly ridiculous pictures of our team, over on Instagram.