The energy bite challenge - chocolate and chia seeds

We've come up with a fun challenge to let you play with tastes and textures

Today I've had the Great British Bake Off on the brain, what with last year's winner Nadiya Hussain cooking up a special treat for the Queen's 90th birthday. So I thought I'd get started on something I've been meaning to try for a while.

Bake Off aficionados among you will know that every week the contestants are given a technical challenge, in which they have to bake up some kind of fantastic concoction using only the vaguest set of instructions. The results range from the triumphant to the disastrous - and is often the tensest and most entertaining section of any episode.

I thought, then, I'd offer you a similar challenge - albeit a much easier one. Less hair-pulling, more a bit of evening fun.

Emphasis on the fun

In fact, don't take it as a challenge at all, but a chance to actually play with ingredients instead of slavishly following a recipe handed to you by an expert. Yes, we're putting you in charge.

Last week I posted our recipe for flaxseed energy bites, and this proved so popular I'm going to stick with this theme with another energy bite recipe. It also doesn't hurt that these are very straightforward recipes, requiring no cooking or special techniques, giving you the space to just have fun with the ingredients. If it goes well, I've got another couple of energy bite experiments waiting in the wings for the next couple of weeks.

I've put a basic recipe below, and beyond that you can do whatever feels right with it. Once you've had a go, be sure to come back and let us know how it went, or stop by one of our social media accounts to update us. Bonus points for pictures!

Chocolate and chia seed energy bites

These chocolate energy bites are easy to make and perfect for experimentation


Dates Coconut oil Chia seeds Ground cinnamon Cocoa powder Dessicated coconut


Whizz the dates up in a food processor

Mix in the other ingredients

Roll into balls


Things to think about

The two challenges are balancing the flavours and making sure the mixture holds together in balls, without being too liquid to pick up or keep its shape, or too dry to stick to itself. Add a few ingredients then give it a stir, give it a taste, think about what else it needs, and keep going.

And look at the picture!

Okay, that's literally it! Doesn't sound too hard, right?

I can't wait to hear how you all got on with this one, and to look at some mouthwatering (or not so mouthwatering) pictures of your successes and, er, not so successes. Let us know how you get on on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.