The Mother Shuckers have arrived

Today oyster specialists the Mother Shuckers treated our customers at the Twitter UK office to the best oysters our coasts can offer

Here's why this sort of thing gets us excited.

The tons of flavours to try

The Mother Shuckers don’t just throw plain oysters at you. They have a carefully designed set of classic dressings including shallot vinegar mignonette and fresh lemons and tabasco to set off and bring the oysters to life.

Oysters are super healthy

Oysters are just bursting with goodness. As well as being a great, low fat source of protein, they are packed with zinc, iron, selenium and vitamins C and B12. Perfect for getting everyone over the hump of these last few winter weeks.

Mother Shuckers’ oysters are sustainable

Mother Shuckers only use sustainable British oysters, which support British fishermen and protect our coasts.

Oysters really do work as aphrodisiacs

Well, a bit, maybe. Trials on mice in 2005 showed that certain amino acids found in oysters do indeed boost the presence of, er, “sexy hormones”, to use the scientific term.

Oysters might be partly responsible for human civilization(!)

It’s widely believed that human society and human brain development only happened because we had enough protein in our diet to do things like invent wheels and fire and draw comic strips instead of scrap around in the dirt for food. The discovery of oyster shells in ancient settlements around the world suggest that oysters played a pretty big part in that.

Not bad for a mollusc, hey?

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