The raw food bar rolls back

Our raw bars show how amazing tasting fresh healthy ingredients can be

our raw bar showcases the freshest best ingredients

Every month, each one of our units gets a visit from our raw bar, which lets our customers pick and mix from a selection of brightly coloured and carefully selected ingredients. We want to give them a chance to taste how a simple mix of high quality food can still taste fantastic.

Yesterday it was the turn of Cisco Meraki, where we were pretty chuffed to hear the diners getting excited about the raw bar being back before the food had even finished being laid out.

raw food isn't just about vegetables

We make sure the raw bar isn't just about vegetables, but includes some great fresh protein. Yesterday that includes a salmon ceviche, and a highlight on our menu - our beef carpaccio, which we prepared overnight ready for the tasting bar - and will make sure we get a recipe to you later in the week! This is a super easy dish that really brings out the flavour of beef, and doesn't require any cooking.

If you want to find out how your workplace can get a visit from the raw bar, get in touch or just drop us a tweet!