Three success stories from A Day in the Life

Our team have been shadowing each other for two months. Here's how it's helped them and us build the company.

A couple of months ago we introduced a new scheme, A Day in the Life, which lets any team member at Just Hospitality shadow anyone else for a day. The goal is to help everyone be really visible in the company, whichever site they work in, get us all communicating better, and give everyone a chance to think about how they want to develop their career.

We've had three members of staff shadow other team members so far, and the feedback we've had from them has been great.

Sometimes it's just about getting the benefit of being out and about and having a break from routine. Artur, one of our chefs, shadowed the front of house team at Twitter UK for the day and said "I loved having a good time with the team – it felt like a day off! I think the best thing was learning about how different people work and how what we do in the kitchen affects them."


Chef Artur at Twitter UK

That sort of increased understanding between departments is exactly what we want to achieve, and Artur wasn't the only person who has commented on it. Catering Assistant Johan, who shadowed Driver Mo, said "it was amazing to see the amount of preparation that goes on before the food goes out and how well organised everything is."


Johan, who shadowed with driver Mo

We think when our team know what's going on elsewhere they'll know the best time to phone, what sort of feedback is helpful, and what challenges they face. That means better communication, faster problem-solving and, ultimately, a better service for our clients.

Building Careers

Even more excitingly, when Catering Assistant Luis shadowed Pastry Chef Marius for the day he had a chance to get a taste of being a professional chef, something he has ambitions for in the future.

"For a couple of years now I have been really interested in baking and dessert making, and I would love to become a pastry chef myself. So when this opportunity came up to experience a day in someone else’s role, I jumped at the chance to get a taster of what it would actually be like."


Luis shadowing Marius in the pastry station

Luis and Marius only had positive things to say about each other. Luis said "Marius is a great person and was very patient with me. I really want to do this again, as I thoroughly enjoyed learning from him." Meanwhile Marius was incredibly impressed with Luis' interest and commitment - "because he was interested in what I was doing, he was a pleasure to teach. It was great to have the opportunity to pass on my skills and I would be more than happy to work with Luis or anyone else in the future."

Luis also told us that the day had been such a success he's hoping to develop his skills even further. "It doesn’t stop here – JH are now looking into me shadowing Marius more regularly, so with their support I’m heading in the right direction. I aspire to be as talented as Marius!"

We have a tradition of identifying talent in all of our staff and helping them develop their skills to pursue the career that really interests them. We've already seen plenty of staff move from front of house roles into the office and kitchen, or from the kitchen to front of house as we notice what skills people really bring to the table. We're hoping that with A Day in the Life we'll find even more ways for people to develop their talents.

If you want to know more about how we develop our team and make sure they all work at their best, and how this helps our services, get in touch. You can catch up with more team news on our Facebook page.