We've just had our first week at Dropbox London

We're thrilled to take on the catering contract at the company that keeps our files safe and accessible

dropbox takes it's food very seriously

Like most people who, you know, ever use the internet, Dropbox has saved our bacon more than once. What did we actually do before there was somewhere we could just quickly upload a file and email off a quick link to whoever needed to download it? Remember the days of sending off twenty emails in a row because there were too many files to fit your email servers size limit? Ugh, no, we don't want to either.

And for those in the know about what's happening in the world of workplace, Dropbox's Tuck Shop will be practically a household name.

Tuck Shop is the hugely ambitious staff restaurant over at Dropbox's San Francisco office. It's run by British chef Brian Mattingly and aims to offer the very best staff catering, with restaurant standard food to make staff jump for joy every day.

Which has proved handy for us because as contract caterers we aim to do exactly the same - and Dropbox have just set up shop in London. We were pretty happy when they picked up the phone and called us, since Dropbox's philosophy of inspiring teams with fantastic food is just what we're here to serve.

we're bringing our fresh healthy food to the offices of Dropbox London

We got started on Monday, bringing them our trademark mix of freshly cooked hot food, salads and snacks - all inspired by the London food we can't get enough of.

The other great news about Dropbox is that our longtime team member Liliana has taken over the operation. She's a super creative customer service maestro who knows how to pass on her love for great food. She also takes a darn good photo - so expect to see plenty of her shots showing up on our Instagram from now on.

So guys, did we mention we cook for #Dropbox now? #Fresh #Healthy #LunchIsComing

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What else is there to say? Only that we can't wait to keep bringing you all the news of what's on our menus and the lovely grub we're sending out to all our lovely clients. And that if you want to get in on the act, you should probably get in touch.