We've just taken on our first apprentice

As our new apprentice, Celena has taken the first steps on her way to becoming a chef

Celena, the new apprentice at Just Hospitality

We always say we're committed to training and professional development for all of our staff. That's why we offer things like the Day in the Life initiative, regular food trips and workshops and sustainability training with the Sustainable Restaurant Association, and it's why we're open to staff approaching us about training needs that they think will be useful to them in their role.

But it's also important to us that we spread that knowledge outside of the company and pass on what we know to help others develop successful careers in food.

That's why, a little while ago, we started the process of taking on our first apprentice. After making sure we had everything in place to give someone a real learning experience with us, we went through a careful selection process and, last week, welcomed apprentice Celena to our kitchen for the first time.

At interview we were really struck by her enthusiasm and desire to learn, and that's continued throughout her first week. She'll be with us for 15-18 months, during which she'll gain experience on every one of our sections - vegetables, meat, fish, cold dishes, soups, salads, pastry and our event catering. Ultimately she should gain the skills she needs to begin a career as a chef, and we can't wait to help her get there.

Good luck Celena!

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