What is souvlaki and why is it on the menu tonight?

Tonight we serve souvlaki, a delicious and convenient way to grab a quick bite

Tonight, for clients that take advantage of our dinner service, we're serving authentic, food-on-the-go souvlaki. It's a new one for us, we've never served it before. But we do love to delve into something new and let our customers experiment from time to time, so tonight, souvlaki it is!

In case you're feeling confused at this point, here's a quick rundown on what souvlaki actually is:

It’s from Greece, Ancient Greece

Souvlaki is a type of fast food from Greece made using skewered, barbecued meat. It that could have its origins 4,000 years ago, since archaeologists have have found barbecue pits made for skewers dating all the way back then.

It’s easy to hold in your hand

The deal is that cubed, grilled meat, vegetables and traditional Greek dressings are all stuffed inside a fresh hot pita bread, all ready to eat on the go.

Don’t skimp on the tzatziki

Like we say, what makes this dish quintessentially Greek is the sauces. A great souvlaki should have plenty of fresh, creamy tzatziki (a type of Greek yoghurt sauce). Mmm.

It’s pretty good for you!

The meat is grilled, making it lower in fat. Yoghurt is great for your health and digestion, and it’s packed full of fresh, raw, crunchy vegetables. A great way to energise you and keep you ticking over.

It tastes darn good with halloumi too

Yep, for the vegetarians tonight we're offering, smoky, salty grilled halloumi ready to put in your pita. So no one misses out!