Who wouldn't want to eat lunch with a storm trooper?!

The Guardian recently published an article called “Office makeover: If you can work anywhere, where do you want to work?” that asked the question whether or not the “funky” offices that are becoming the norm, particularly in the tech world, actually make workers more productive or happy. 18

We are the daily caterers for a lot of these tech firms so we feel we have some special insight into how these guys work. We’re used to people on scooters zipping by the canteen and regularly hold client meetings in revamped train carriages – and let’s just say we love it!

Now we know this is a trend and maybe it’ll die fast but why does that matter?

What these companies are doing is expressing their values in a way that hasn’t been done before. Tech companies are out to attract and retain the best talent. Not only that, they want talent with the right cultural fit. Entering one of these offices really is like entering a different world. And what’s more, each one feels different. Some are slick and stylish, some feel like frat houses with statues of storm stroopers and pool tables in reception, and some are so over the top it’s hard to even know where to look. These differences solicit emotional reactions from potential employees and their reactions help recruiters figure out whether or not they’ll fit in the fun.

We don’t claim to know if all this makes people more productive and happy. But if you’re attracted to working at these companies then presumably the ethos that lies behind the “funky” designs will match your own - and surely that must lead to more fulfilling work.

And yes, this might all change. People’s tastes and working habits change – and change fast. When that change happens companies will adapt. They’ll find new ways to express their values, to attract new talent and to keep their workers happy.

Until then, we’re pretty thrilled about sharing the lunch table with a storm trooper. Wouldn’t you be?!